William Tells

I'm just exfoliating here. What's your excuse?

My favorite diaries:

Weetabix profile - diary
comments: Weetabix once had a parking spot snagged in a mall parking lot. They never found the Camry again.
TwoBobs profile - diary
comments: Ah, the BOBS, what to say here. Just go visit them. Wear protection. I'm just saying.
Miss-Edith profile - diary
comments: Miss Edith HAD one of those lives that is vastly entertaining.
Mare-Ingenii profile - diary
comments: What with the current weakness of the US Dollar, Mare's stock is ever rising.
Sleyefox profile - diary
comments: She's back. Her and her blue suede shoes.
Taydo profile - diary
comments: He's sulking somewhere. But no doubt looking good. That's just his way.
Fulminous profile - diary
comments: I've started to loathe him. Because he seems to be more perfect than I am. And I'm not sure that shoudl be allowed
thelatteboy profile - diary
comments: Turns out I was right, he was sulking somewhere, I just didn't know where.

My favorite music:

Club Mix CD's
comments: They remind me of my humble beginnings in Retail
Depeche Mode
comments: Violater changed my life. That works on so many levels
The Killers
comments: There's something about former Banana Republic employees making the best rock on the planet.
The Smiths
comments: I liked to mope about when I was a teen, writing bad poetry and thinking no one understood me. It made me happy.
comments: I really prefer modern Madonna, post Ray of Light. But never in the movies.

My favorite movies:

To Die For
comments: Nicole Kidman rocks. And I'd try to kill Matt Dillon if I was married to him. Plus it's directed by Gus Van Sant. Who's a pervert.
comments: I would also sleep with Yoko Ono to see her apartment
Bring it On
comments: Life is not a cheerocracy, and this movie proves it quite well.
Brain Candy
comments: There's no secrets between sailors. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that.
The House of Yes
comments: I like to ask people if they at a lot of pancakes.

My favorite authors:

David Sedaris
comments: He's so witty I want to weep
David Rakoff
comments: Can be brilliant, but not as steady as Sedaris. Still funny
Elmore Leanord
comments: Escapist fiction for traveling. But it's entertaining and well written
Tim Sandlin
comments: He writes about the strangest things, and yet they all make sense.
Jerry Stahl
comments: I'm not jewish, or a drug addict. But I can see the appeal.

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