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from pasisz :
Tim Sandlin's new book comes out in January. I'm recruiting people for a street team to drop off postcards at cool spots in their town. The people that help will get an advance copy of the book in December. Let me know if you are interested - [email protected]
from for-you-only :
Merry News Years Eve.
from thelatteboy :
Eeeeeee! What fun!
from thelatteboy :
Like, really? The UAE? Isn't Abu Dhabi part of the UAE? Who knew there was shopping to be done in Abu Dhabi?
from mare-ingenii :
from drowning13 :
my blood is broken
from suenosverde :
I was inspired by your entry about cities at night and running, I was impressed by your writing too... will be back for more!
from thelatteboy :
HAHAHA! You make me laugh out loud! (That was really well executed)
from thelatteboy :
God William, when you talk like that about fashion it just turns me on.
from madisonrae :
Very American Psycho-esque but with out the killing. I think I'll stick around.
from breathtaken1 :
Ah the Irish, I am loving the Irish these days. I saw U2 last night in concert (Irish band...)I hear y'all have a secret plot to take over the world.
from for-you-only :
Perhaps. lol.
from thelatteboy :
Oh Catherine Deneuve - so young, so pretty then. Not that she doesn't look stunning for her age now.
from breathtaken1 :
At the risk of sounding terribly superficial, that fashion entry was brilliant. Well done.
from thelatteboy :
Oh, there will be serious problems if it's the duet with Etheridge. I'm sure I can buy myself a one-way ticket to Hell right now, but that les should wear a wig or something.
from thelatteboy :
William, William, William. It's taken me far too long to get back to re: Sarah Jessica and her Gap Ad. I am also pro, but did you know that SJ is no longer the face for The Gap? I just read that they've replace her with Joss Stone. I'm not pleased.
from sunnflower :
Great banners. I too am a coffee lover. In fact I am on my way out the door to get a caramel mocha right now.
from ravynespeaks :
Just want to wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2005 be your best year ever!
from dsdiary :
no hard feelings. if i've forgiven America for "drive-thru" then i can surely forgive you for your semi-mistake. after all, you dress well.
from dsdiary :
alright, but "ce la vise" pronounced phonetically (even in french) is "suh la veez". perhaps i'm missing the irony. perhaps i should stop trying to teach americans how to speak french. perhaps i should keep my little comments to myself.
from dsdiary :
oh man. "ce la vise"? dude, it's "c'est la vie". that was painful to read. it's okay though, i forgive you. because i know how much my acceptance means to you.
from gumphood :
confusious say "when running banner; post better post"
from lovefoolish :
Yeah I'm noticing how much Anthony sucks. Damn that bitch at Sephora who sold it to me; she was all "Oh everyone LOVES Anthony...." The hair cream is especially bad. I checked out some Philosophy stuff today; kinda pricey (esp. in Canada!) but it seems like a good company. Have you tried Zihr before and do you know if their products are worth the price? I was thinking about giving them a shot.
from taydo :
William! You're so close! I didn't have the Lasic or become blind, though...
from sacy :
Finally, your name glowed red in my favourites list. Welcome back, your entries are never disappointing ... p.s. I'd rather be Wonder Woman.
from cutie1083 :
Happy Holidays!
from sacy :
Please describe Betty La Fea for me. I have never even heard of it.
from sacy :
You're adorable, please don't let your family tell you anything to the contrary. Thank you for updating, it was no small credential in a pleasant start to another cold day .....
from owlette :
nice diary...very funny. :) i like that you are unafraid to express your obsession with your is refreshing in a man (women do it all the time....but it is less remarkable)
from sacy :
See how happy you made me? I even let 40,000 unruly foreign hooligans trash my town last night.
from sacy :
You reciprocated! I'm so happy I might even let England beat Australia this weekend. But then again, maybe I won't. It all depends on how they play, really. (Thank you)
from sacy :
Your diary is better than mine. But I'm not going to bother to improve or anything crazy like that. I'm just going to leave you a note and hope you deign to reciprocate. Cha.
from strummer- :
not enough people know Kids in the Hall. That's awesome.
from fulminous :
I had another "footloose and fancy free" moment in London just happened several years after that initial surge of freedom. Let's hear it for weekend-long shoe-buying jaunts that require a passport!
from fulminous :
from fulminous :
Heck, maybe I could stretch out my tabloid existence for longer than 9 months...after all, who knows HOW long it takes little alien babies to gestate? And then there's the "I Have A Bat-Eared Alien Baby" spread, and the "My Alien Lover Is Returning For Me And He Has Predictions For Mankind I Will Share With You" special report.
from fulminous :
If we can *have* a Boston Marriage without both becoming lesbians, I am ALL for it.
from ravynemyst :
Welcome back! Sounds like you had as interesting a trip home as I did recently. Glad we both came out of it alive.
from fulminous :
I've just spent the past few days reading...well, your whole diary, actually...and I think you're the b-e-s-t.
from jenzie :
If you don't think it's disrespectful to talk in a negative way about people that have passed, then that's your deal. Papertowels? Please. I use papertowels with bears on them and don't think that I'm being anti-animal in doing so. I wasn't bashing Weet by the way, I was just pointing a few things out. I don't know how one could consider what I said ``bashing,`` but again, that's your deal. Furthermore, I meant to leave an e-mail address and spell `actually` correctly, but I gave the go-ahead for my post prematurely. If Weet really wanted to respond (or anyone else for that matter) they could find me in the same manner in which you have. I don't think anyone else feels like investing that much thought ot time into my simple comment, though. ;o)
from say-melast :
Jerry Stahl is the shit man! my sn is spreads1540
from mare-ingenii :
... you're online...
from mare-ingenii :
Silly boy.... I AM in Canada... and you're not... which is why you're the geographically challenged one! tsk tsk tsk *grin*
from sleyefox :
Acting on a glowing recommendation from Mare-ingenii I decided to check out your entries. I found myself in a fit of laughter when I read your entry about your blue suede shoes. Sadly I also attempted that joke when I bought my blue suede kickers 5 years ago. The joke didn't go over that well back then either. People just don't appreciate good humour anymore :)
from mare-ingenii :
The obnoxious British rocker will always hold a deep place in my heart, if only because my mother would so heartily disapprove. And besides, Don't Look Back In Anger is STILL one of my favorite songs...
from a-splinter :
what do you need help with? Or am I dense?
from witty-kitten :
Ohhh I like your diary. You're now on my favorite's list.

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