desolate in anger and safe in isolation

My favorite diaries:

route23 profile - diary
comments: she's the cheese and im the macaroni
bourgeoisie profile - diary
comments: if she would dance i would dj
eckythump profile - diary
comments: you're so fucking special. i wish i was special
gunstarhero profile - diary
comments: one of, if not my favourite diary around. so sweet and so sincere
decemberguy profile - diary
comments: gentle and intelligent, and aching like december
evangeline profile - diary
comments: cocktail politics and obscure details
themauvecalx profile - diary
comments: he's like the dark but i'd want him
anniewaits18 profile - diary
comments: for the last time
static-wound profile - diary
comments: bruises come up dark
ozmodiar profile - diary
comments: let down and hanging around
killiansred profile - diary
comments: we'll go on vacation tonight under a sun of neon light
arlandria profile - diary
comments: better than a bullet being fired
iammilesaway profile - diary
comments: your lips touching mine in the photobooth
parkedcars profile - diary
comments: like the friends that you thought you had
anhnie profile - diary
comments: your smile is the most genuine thing i've ever seen
gonzokid profile - diary
comments: "I wanted to take her to my place drink wine, fuck, and listen to Pavement..." my kind of guy!
deadpilot profile - diary
comments: one by one hidden up my sleeve
bluknitscarf profile - diary
comments: she won't let you know that i need a right to touch her
applerobot profile - diary
comments: so drunk in the august sun and you're the kind of girl i like
kalifornier profile - diary
comments: and they made sure that the obituaries showed pictures of smoke stacks
tsulnagrom profile - diary
comments: colour is its own reward
mcsmooshie profile - diary
comments: who sold her out?
kitchenlogic profile - diary
unclebob profile - diary
pipersplace profile - diary
savecraig profile - diary

My favorite music:

nada surf
comments: like light and love neither of which i get enough of
death cab for cutie
beastie boys
the rentals
comments: eskimo joe; anything neil finn's ever done; fountains of wayne; something for kate; dashboard confessional; preston school of industry; custaro; jets to brazil; sidewinder; le tigre; grandaddy; architecture in helsinki; gersey; the crustaceans

My favorite movies:

ocean's eleven
fight club
the shawshank redemption
bill and ted's excellent adventure
steel magnolias
comments: that thing you do; the truman show; the castle; drowning mona; the cable guy; road kill; greg kinnear movies; dead man on campus; sleepers; bad eggs

My favorite authors:

dave eggers
matt zurbo
patricia cornwell

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