Dreaming is Free..

Close your eyes and dream about..what you cannot live without..

My favorite diaries:

harley-race profile - diary
comments: The bastard child of Marlon Brando and Olive Oyl.
VintageGrrrl profile - diary
comments: She'll never come back..but she's still the coolest..
evangeline profile - diary
comments: "Im beginning to think..maybe you don't know"
twids profile - diary
comments: Tougher than leather, sweeter than saccharine.
sampsman profile - diary
comments: Awesome writing..Totally awesome!
fuschiashock profile - diary
comments: Puts me in my place, but I still think the world of..
mydyingbeta profile - diary
comments: Somehow reads like the 00's version of Laverne and Shirley..but cooler.
trixiepup profile - diary
comments: Fun, Witty Girl that I found through Madelaine and Bonkersquipy..
plume profile - diary
comments: Postcards from Denmark..
istoba profile - diary
comments: "Being Alive is Cool"
chelsea4k profile - diary
comments: Conor Oberst wishes...
trigger-cut profile - diary
comments: electricity, e-lec-tricity..
sleepystorm profile - diary
comments: The ashtray said..she was up all night...
moonrattles profile - diary
comments: Picks me up when I'm down..
lollygrass profile - diary
comments: Get your adverbs here..
chuzzlewit profile - diary
comments: One of my favorite people here.
radio-cure profile - diary
comments: She's just like me..except younger..and cooler..and a girl.
division-day profile - diary
comments: "Life is a festival only to the wise"-Emerson
stripeybeast profile - diary
comments: Forgot how cool they were. Oops
likeaforest profile - diary
hells-wings profile - diary
comments: tougher than leather...
permeation profile - diary
comments: pretty pretty pictures
Heylyla profile - diary
comments: Hipper than thou...
Girl101 profile - diary
comments: Cuz there's always room for beauty in the world of magic!

My favorite music:

comments: Well Jesus loves me fine....and your words fall flat this time.
comments: "wrap both your arms around me and pretend that Im all that you need..
comments: Passin' the dutchie from coast to coast/hear the man with the plan say he rocks the most
The Grass Roots
comments: Where were you when I needed you...
Blake Babies
comments: It must be out there..somewhere!!!

My favorite movies:

Reality Bites
comments: Define the word: Irony!
Pete and Pete
comments: ..and then our personal superhero, Artie the strongest man in the world, accidentally saved the universe...
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
comments: Jeff Goldblum & Willem Defoe: Gentleman, I salute you!
Beautiful Girls
comments: "I just want something beautiful..that's all."
Grosse Point Blank
comments: "Shakabuku:a spiritual swift kick to the head, that will alter your reality forever.."

My favorite authors:

Nick Hornby
comments: His thoughts on music and manhood consistently amuse..
Sarah Vowell
comments: Just read The Partly Cloudy Patriot...inspiring to say the least.
David Eddie
comments: His book "Chump Change" is the funniest book I have ever read..
The Sports Guy
comments: On ESPN. com : His enthusiasm for Pop culture minutiae rivals my own.
Dave Eggars
comments: Reminds me of the relationship I have with my kid brothers

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