So call me Dim! I am the Dim Locator! Dim Locator! Don't call me Dim!

My favorite diaries:

thaggoriah profile - diary
comments: TILZOO? MY KIZZER! Wahzinka izan!
greatgadfly profile - diary
comments: Holy goddamn delicious!
tuff517 profile - diary
comments: We ARE more than the sum total of all the TV we watch, I swear.
peth profile - diary
comments: Sock + Monkey = Sockmonkey.
tater-fay profile - diary
comments: Arthur Lee is like, the man.
ruthiebat profile - diary
comments: Bunnies!!!
minderella profile - diary
atomicbuddha profile - diary
themonsters profile - diary
doorag profile - diary
smoog profile - diary
odalisk profile - diary
mix-tapes profile - diary
galatearedux profile - diary

My favorite music:

Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66
comments: Every thrift store has one of these records, look in the crate with the Herb Alpert. Stereolab is great, but for the real shit, go to the source!
Gabor Szabo with Chico Hamilton
comments: Mr. Eastern Europe jazz guitar vs Mr. Pimp Sophisticate Badass.
The Birthday Party
comments: They play the incidental music to my herky-jerky thought processes.
Rahul Dev Burman
comments: Go to the Asian supermarket. Find the CD section. Look for "RD Burman" credit. Pay for yer garam masala, asofetida and CD. Go home and ROCK OUT w/o the burden of any lyric you could understand, unless you speak HINDI.
James Brown
comments: He may not know karate, but he knows ka-RAY-zee!

My favorite movies:

Yaadoon Ki Baraat
comments: Lekar Hum, Diwana Dil, baby.
Santa Sangre
comments: It's Holy Blood!!!
The Sound of Music
comments: Tasty.
Space is the Place
comments: Isotope Teleportation 'sploitation.
Waking Life
comments: This one time a fan walks away while a guy is talking and stuff.

My favorite authors:

Haruki Murakami
comments: I wish that I had his patience with details when I'm writing!
Paul Bowles
comments: The deep satisfaction of immolation. Like at WalMart, but in Morocco.
Klaus Kinski
comments: He only wrote his autobiography. A jerky, egomaniacal visionary, something I admire.
Chuck Klosterman
comments: So I wouldn't touch SPIN magazine with a metaproverbial 10 foot pole, I might still want to have his babaybee.
Augusten Burroughs
comments: Crawled out from under a rug.

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