pools of red and feathers

and theres a portrait on the wall~ of fallen feathers and pools of red~ no title set~ no artist named~ but the blood still falls for you. and one single hope is lost at night~ the pains been felt and comfort comes~ no second guess~ no name is said~ and slowly my wings begin to heal.

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My favorite music:

Thee (more) Shallows
comments: is this part or more and who made the part of my brain that makes music feel like pain
comments: we spit into the pond to give the fish something to pray to, some times the sunset doesn't want to be photographed
Modest Mouse
comments: left all my kinder parts rusting and peeling
The Gloria Record
comments: i was named to bear you like a float in a parade my piano fingers tugging at the cord and so much extra skin that i still can't fill it in
comments: the cat is in my head and I am fucking wide awake

My favorite movies:

Edward Scissorhands
comments: KIM:"hold me." EDWARD:"...i can't"
The Fisher King
comments: robin at his best
comments: All I ever wanted was to sing to Him. He gave me that longing - then made me mute.
Went To Coney Island On A Mission From God... Be Back By Five.
comments: They turn the lights on at night, it's beautiful.
Christmas On Mars
comments: (caught a trailer; anticipation)

My favorite authors:

Neil Gaiman
comments: "Maybe," said Mr. Nancy, "You kept more than you think." "No," said Shadow.
Albert Camus
comments: so many evenings had promised him happiness that to experience this one as happiness itself made him realize how far he had come, from hope to conquest.
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
comments: when the machines start delivering themselves, i guess that's when the people better start really worrying.
Douglas Adams
comments: I'm so intelligent i've probably got time to go through the five million things i hate most about organic life forms. one. they're so stupid...
Robert Smith
comments: I'll never tell you of all the different ways you make me so afraid...

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