my throat is sore


My favorite diaries:

rip-tv profile - diary
iota profile - diary
comments: lokked - perhaps because of dokken
toothbrush profile - diary
comments: has she switched to the spinbrush pro? or does the crossaction allegiance still thrive?
algore profile - diary
comments: i'm done with you, limpdick.
blue-parade profile - diary
comments: when i think of where she lives...i feel for her
jpellecchia profile - diary
comments: she's hott for teacher, too. we're members of a club. YOU CAN'T JOIN.
marn profile - diary
comments: now that i don't have my computer hinternet-capable, i haven't read this in aaaaages.
caterwaul profile - diary
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: going out on a limb here. seen one page. seen the profile. seen the swede-love. i'm THERE.
troubledteen profile - diary
comments: um, helloooo? where R U???
quohog profile - diary
nocomment profile - diary
comments: i don't even read much this but i'm afraid...of things
orchidinfant profile - diary
comments: i've been stalking
chipzdarsky profile - diary
comments: his desperation reeks, yet hits my nose as "eau de sexy"
schmarpy profile - diary
comments: because i said so.

My favorite music:

magnetic fields
comments: i dedicate this song to you for all the desperate things you made me do
hawksley workman
comments: cancon. it was either this or bto.
postal service
comments: because i'm a 25 year old trying to keep my bangs in my eyes while shoegazing
et al
comments: + crowded house (+ the jayhawks, willie nelson, bruce springsteen), beth orton (+ lamb, olive, radiohead, bryan ferry/roxy music), the who (+ye olde shit your dad listens to), morrissey (+ the smiths, gene, neil diamond. ok. he belongs somewhere else.),
david hasselhoff

My favorite movies:

silence of the lambs
comments: jodie. oh. stop. you .me...locked in the panic room.ohhoh ohhhhh.
this is spinal tap/waiting for guffman/best in show/a mighty wind
comments: "cookie? cookie googleman?"
comments: "i want everybody to know that there is a WHOAAAHR livin' in apartment..."
comments: "you made me pop out your eyeball to protect that piece of shit charlie m???"
hedwig and the angry inch
comments: rocky horror nouveau

My favorite authors:

roald dahl
comments: my warped and disgusting sense of humour is this man's fault.
lillian faderman
comments: lesbians! not lesbians! scholars! history! i! am! so! smart!
bret easton ellis
comments: i like murder and shit, what can i say?
comments: i don't read books so good. skool maks me read THEIR books.

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