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My favorite music:

Magnetic Fields
comments: Ben Folds (Five), Built to Spill, Damon & Naomi, Grandaddy, Kingsbury Manx, Lambchop, Microphones, Modest Mouse, New Bad Things, Pavement, Pixies, R.E.M., Winechuggers, Yo La Tengo
comments: Arab Strap, Belle & Sebastian, Blur, Delgados, Divine Comedy, Elastica, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, Luna, Mercury Rev, Morrissey, Mojave 3, Pulp, Radiohead, Sleeper, the Smiths, Spiritualized, Suede, Travis
Hawksley Workman
comments: A Silver Mt. Zion, Leonard Cohen, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Kid Koala, Manitoba, Sianspheric, Sloan, Rufus Wainwright, a certain W@x M@nn3qu1n
comments: Beck, Bjork, Boards of Canada, Chemical Brothers, Cibo Matto, Death in Vegas, DJ Shadow, Emperor Penguin, Gorillaz, Groove Armada, Massive Attack, Mogwai, Pet Shop Boys, Portishead, Primal Scream
Cat Power
comments: Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley, P.J. Harvey, Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell, Liz Phair, Nina Simone, John Southworth, Robbie Williams

My favorite movies:

Fight Club
comments: And no, not because of Brad Pitt. Although if I were that shallow then my eye would be firmly set on the Norton fellow. Or that hottie who's only real line is 'paint a self-portrait'. But that's not it either. I just love this film
comments: Before I saw this movie, this guy I used to be friends with told me that our friendship was like that of Max and Miss Cross. Then I saw the movie. I love the movie. (He and I are not friends anymore.)
Run Lola Run
comments: Don't we all just love the Germans? Also, I love the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous.
High Fidelity
comments: I could be like all the other kids and quote you the "what came first" line but nooooo. Instead, I will tell you that I love John Cusack. And his sister Joan.
Brain Candy
comments: "Cathy, my cap is luke." "Lukewarm, Chris?" "No, Luke Skywalker, you fucking inbred."

My favorite authors:

Douglas Coupland
comments: I read all of 'Life After God' in a youth hostel lobby on my last night in Montreal. And I am ok with that.
Kristjana Gunnars
comments: as if bjork wasn't enough for you, further proof that icelanders are some of the most brilliant peeps on this little planet.
James M. Cain
comments: I love 'Double Indemnity' a thousand times more than 'The Postman Always Knocks Twice' even though it is essentially the same book. Oh, and I know an ancestor of James M. Cain. HA!
Claudia Shear
comments: As far as I know, she has only written one book 'Blown Sideways Through Life', but like, I love it a lot.
Franz Kafka
comments: The Metamorphosis is the one book that both my mother and I have read. She hates it. We won't hold that against her.

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