Wondering in Aliceland

I'm Alice. I'm a little bit of everything all rolled into one.

I'm a bitch, I'm a lover... I'm a child, I'm a mother... I'm a sinner, I'm a saint... I do not feel ashamed... I'm your hell, I'm your dream... I'm nothing in between... You know you wouldn't want it any other way.

-Meredith Brooks

My favorite diaries:

baggage profile - diary
comments: He loves his parents and tells them so. I love that in a man. And he's a musician... which I find incredibly dreamy...
eloi profile - diary
comments: I always had a thing for surfers.
GayFraud profile - diary
comments: A fabulous writer. Entertaining and witty and...well... fabulous.
golfwidow profile - diary
comments: "We ask for advice when what we really want is permission."
gofigure profile - diary
comments: She's happy. REALLY happy.
grovyghoulie profile - diary
comments: "Another hug-another kiss and she was gone. I stood there for a good long while in disbelief as I watched her drive off. I waited until she was out of sight before I started jumping up and down like a jackass while yelling: “YES!” as loud as I could.
inarticulate profile - diary
comments: We're connected by our ability to overthink everything.
jerrbear profile - diary
comments: He's mostly left-handed.
justjones profile - diary
comments: Can I just like a person because she IS who she IS? Isn't that reason enough?
kathmccall profile - diary
comments: One of my greatest friends. Also my alibi should I ever need one. I was there, right kath?
kitchenlogic profile - diary
comments: "Wish I'd had a fucking chipper right about then. I'd have put that good old whistling boy in, lips first. Fargo-style."
marywa profile - diary
comments: She wants to know when stay-at-home-mom's get to stay home.
nividian profile - diary
comments: "I mean, come on? More orgasms. Fewer arguements. Good on both! Right?!"
peterkeating profile - diary
comments: Thinks he can get me in his bed without alcohol being involved.
ril profile - diary
comments: I'm so easily captured by the opportunity to see inside the male mind...
thetinytiger profile - diary
comments: I can't believe no one told me he was back! I LOVE this guy. He's not back anymore. In fact, he didn't post another entry once I discovered he was back in the first place.
turtleguy profile - diary
comments: No longer posting, but missed.
sallydallydo profile - diary
comments: We just seem to have so much in common...
simplify profile - diary
mawm profile - diary
reader1209 profile - diary
comments: "My dentist appt. wasn't until Thursday at 8 am so in the meantime, I was completely, utterly and totally screwed. I was so screwed that somewhere the pain fairy was reclining in a bed, half-covered in a sheet smoking the post-screwing cigarette
renovatingme profile - diary
fuckxthis profile - diary
comments: fuck not having anything to read

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