Sometimes I say things that make sense. Mostly I just talk about jello.

Me: "Living with me would be like a dance party every day."

Cor: "An insane dance party."

I am an insane dance party -- in your pants.

My favorite diaries:

perceptions profile - diary
comments: It's all in how you see it.
scarletrose2 profile - diary
comments: Come hell or high water
Fickled profile - diary
comments: Just try and catch your breath
Invisibledon profile - diary
comments: Probably smells like Center in the Square
Invisiblepal profile - diary
comments: Somewhere, she's walking around as beautiful as her ever-changing templates.
Carlilly profile - diary
comments: Are those rocks tapping at my window, or are we already in the car on the way to tomorrow?
Kieri profile - diary
comments: When she becomes a mega-famous writer, I can say that I read her way back when.
breakfust profile - diary
comments: Breakfust is the most important meal of the day, and Hope delivers it with a passion.
Sammi1285 profile - diary
comments: Pow. That's the sound of your ass getting kicked.
luv4you profile - diary
comments: Caged butterfly
Lilsnowpixie profile - diary
comments: Spontanious combustion of purple
londncalling profile - diary
comments: She comes from a family of London worshippers, but with her own twist on it all.
tulipbaroo profile - diary
comments: Cadburry eggs make HER blush too.
sailorpallas profile - diary
comments: Grr panda, grr.
pink-milk profile - diary
comments: It's pink! It's milk! It's HOLLY! (What the hell more could you want?)
clueless1285 profile - diary
comments: "The good thing about us is that if things don't work out, we will break up, and then things will be OK."
Wonderwall profile - diary
comments: This morning I woke up yesterday and realized it was next Tuesday.
Franniboo profile - diary
comments: If anyone ever says anything bad about Fran, it's only because they're jelous. Seriously, she's just an all around wonderful person.
Gloamling profile - diary
comments: It's almost like we're sisters.
xxcobrasxx profile - diary
comments: I just like it because it exculdes us all equally.
trickykid profile - diary
comments: Ka-pow. Welcome to life.
Sammit1285 profile - diary
comments: Dammit, Sammit!
soverycherry profile - diary
comments: "Then, on his way out the door, all I had to do was give him the "look" (as he called it), and we were on my bed in about two seconds flat. And oh my God was it good. Sooooo good. Jesus. " Dude....that happens in real life?
kopa profile - diary
comments: She's Finnish and oh-so-savy.
coffeebitch profile - diary
comments: "...with hair as curly as mine, those two inches [that were cut off] can mean the difference between sexy ringlets and uncontrolled afros. Now I'm in hair purgatory."
castleofsand profile - diary
comments: Silly, silly boy, why didn't I see your brilliance before?
st0nered profile - diary
comments: Because bite-me was taken.
delta88 profile - diary
comments: Maude
starsrmylfe profile - diary
comments: I've come home to her home.
beefspleen profile - diary
comments: Carly's writings, with a side of spleen
Falla profile - diary
comments: "Not like I'm not a loser. I just spent precious weekend hours discussing who would win the presidency in 2004, Zack from Saved By The Bell and the Zoltar machine from Big or Beyonce Knowles and Mr. Garak?"
pickles47 profile - diary
comments: I was never this intresting or decisive in sixth grade. I remember liking Far Side comics, and that's about it...
Localaura profile - diary
comments: "I know, I know, I'm not updating enough. See, I'm spending so much time emptying my brain into my new Livejournal in streams of crap, that I don't spend nearly as much time as I should writing nuggets of non-crap for this diary. "
interexile profile - diary
comments: Remember that time at your birthday party in sixth grade when I went outside in your backyard in the middle of the night and was all "Oooh, I'm soooo artsy!"?, I was weird, wasn't I?
classcouture profile - diary
comments: Cool like her.
Trendyflat profile - diary
comments: Tea for two.
flyanyway profile - diary
comments: Or, don't fly. Whatever floats your boat. . .
montparnasse profile - diary
comments: Someday, maybe. Though, perhaps, I am too much of a brassy American.
Ship-whore profile - diary
comments: Secret aaaaaaagent man...sort of, maybe?
haircutgirl profile - diary
comments: Your haircuts turn me ooooon
chickie-legs profile - diary
comments: When I think about my future as a spaz, I am reassured.

My favorite music:

comments: Or else I'll smite you.
Phantom Planet
comments: They're "too cool" for Brandon. That means I win.
comments: Bow down Daisy Duke.
The Muppets
comments: The Muppets are my life.

My favorite movies:

Ten Things I Hate About You and Legend
comments: Yes it is a silly teen chick-flick. But, what do ya know? I'm a silly teenage "chick." What are the odds?; Legend, proof that if you're Tom Cruise, you don't have to wear pants.
The Little Mermaid
comments: I still want to grow up and be Airel.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
comments: Tim Curry taught me everything I've ever known about being a woman.
Bridget Jones' Diary
comments: Why yes, I fancy me just as I am too!
Billy Elliot
comments: Oh wow.

My favorite authors:

Jane Austin
comments: You're just jelous because you don't get it.
Roald Dahl
comments: Welcome to my childhood.
J.J. Murray
comments: Soft core smut, and my English teacher.
Chris Van Allsburg
comments: I'm smitten.

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