we're not shining up shit we're coating it with gold

My favorite diaries:

gloamling profile - diary
comments: Like the orange, she is round and glows like the sun. Or perhaps not.
thebside profile - diary
comments: this reminds me of high school. in a good comforting way. this might be the way i would have written if i had been in love.
zuleika profile - diary
comments: She knows who Barbara Pym is, and just how creepy it is when people read Barbara Pym.
lyricsika profile - diary
comments: The world's favorite Charlotte-Church hating Atom and his Package liking music chick is back in action. She's got Erotic Stuff!
kankyo profile - diary
comments: We used to watch stuff about murderers together.
rampion profile - diary
comments: She likes Leprechaun and Persuasion and um, stuff! Let's be best friends and marry each other and marry the Leprechaun!
penguinwhore profile - diary
comments: "ha I WORK WITH FIRE. fire=hot"
crepesoda profile - diary
comments: Damn! Mya the Bee still rocked!
partyjesus profile - diary
comments: He wants my dad dead, but I like him anyway.
central-red profile - diary
comments: A steel-drivin' man, oh lord. There lies a steel-drivin' man.
testify profile - diary
comments: Soon as I step on the scene I hear hoochie screamin
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: I hate him. But he did see Nerf Herder, so he's ok.
hermitage profile - diary
comments: Star Trek geeks rock fool.
greatgadfly profile - diary
comments: Oh, look, Jan Crouch and her atomic breasts. Still.
polixenes profile - diary
comments: Undressed rocks and rules, man. Aw yeah.
petersburg profile - diary
comments: Coka the Cougar.
ihatepizza profile - diary
comments: I would have babies for this woman. Tons and tons of babies!
chiv profile - diary
comments: Who is this ass? I'm coming to get you with terror, I'm cussing a lot today!

My favorite music:

Belle and Sebastian
The Pixies
Atom and his Package
The Sugarcubes
Ben Folds Five

My favorite movies:

Pee Wee's Big Adventure
Aguirre: The Wrath of God
Leprechaun 4
Night on the Galactic Railroad

My favorite authors:

Edward Gorey
Peter Carey
Lydia Millet
John Kennedy Toole
Gregory Maguire

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