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Human beings like to convince themselves that they're social creatures. While this is mostly true, they are also an isolated lot. They assume they know someone a short time after they meet them. What they really know (or rather, can guess) is whether or not the other is harmless.

Am I mostly harmless?

My favorite diaries:

xczarinao profile - diary
comments: She told me once that she wants to start a society of hermits. One day I'll tell her why I think this is funny.
wonderwall profile - diary
vocaccia profile - diary
comments: Whoa. A tea addict. Every bit the coffee addict but with a kinder, more sophisticated flavor.
stonebridge profile - diary
comments: Remember how Amelie collected all those rocks? Well, imagine making something out of them...
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: "I'm always happy to hear from critics, especially when they have a special way with the English language."-12/14/02
sparklymango profile - diary
comments: Don't let her sweetness fool you into thinking she's an innocent Erin who doesn't pee on stoves. Mangoes are erotic fruit.
solntsi profile - diary
comments: An aspiring writer with a knack for languages.
sharpwits profile - diary
comments: A fellow pretentious coffee addict.
seymourglass profile - diary
comments: I like the JD Salinger reference. I think he's done writing though.
sca profile - diary
comments: Apparently she listed me as a favorite a long time ago and I didn't notice until recently. My loss, obviously. She's an amazing writer.
returnsender profile - diary
comments: Why use an ostentatious word when a diminuitive one will suffice? "Wow."
ravengreen profile - diary
comments: For some reason I picture her as Bat-Girl. Barbara Gordon, in costume, at a computer and chewing ice. (what's wrong with me??)
perceptions profile - diary
comments: Welcome to the six-degrees of Diaryland: if you don't know about Bobby, you know someone who does. He's sorta like Kevin Bacon in that respect.
octobergirl profile - diary
comments: I'm amazingly jealous of her powers of creativity.
mollyx profile - diary
mediocritus profile - diary
comments: BOring (just kidding). This is my good friend Glenn.
luminescent profile - diary
comments: Quirky and creative.
lobotomybabe profile - diary
comments: She accidently annoyed me with an entry she made, so naturally I like her.
loamsdown profile - diary
kimberline profile - diary
comments: A sound reason to visit Texas.
jeffy profile - diary
comments: His tagline makes me hungry for peanut butter
idiosingcat profile - diary
comments: Wanted: artsy boy with love for music, smart (but not stuffy), tall and with "grunge-aesthetic". If you apply, click here and claim I found you ;)
hodgson profile - diary
comments: "I need to hire a large, muscular guy named something like Otto to punch me in the face every day..." -07/30/01
hecubus330 profile - diary
comments: Lisa, an altogether excellent human being. Which may just bite me in the henie since she says her D*Land diary is for ranting, venting, and hideous acts of evil. >=)
gregslastday profile - diary
comments: Will she ever learn to stay out of trouble? Stay tuned. ;)
girls-suck profile - diary
comments: Indeed.
ghostfox profile - diary
comments: Uses inappropriate words in appropriate places (euphemisms suck). She also taught me what "mongered" means, tee hee hee
discodave profile - diary
comments: Disco never dies, baby!
diarytag profile - diary
comments: Tag.
darkasnight profile - diary
comments: This kid's pretty cool. All I have is coffee. XJayDawgX
cuppajoe profile - diary
comments: A coffee addict from a country that refers to some of its currency as "Loonies" and "Toonies". So you know it's funny.
chriistyl profile - diary
comments: I hate to generalize, but anyone who likes Boondocks certainly has a lot going for them in the coolness factor.
conclusions profile - diary
comments: When you take away the details, you're left with an archetype. How cool is that?
coffeebitch profile - diary
comments: *blows Kaitlin a kiss*
bmi profile - diary
comments: "Wait, who are you?" I asked, thankful for the rescue. "That is not important, netizen," she replied. She dug into her pocket. "Um. I don't have a heroic calling card yet" she said. Then she threw down the smoke bomb
bcgal profile - diary
comments: Nicole!
art-thug profile - diary
comments: Uber-Bosses are tough.
amy-poetica profile - diary
comments: Beat the snot out of mental illness
al-seedus profile - diary
comments: "True story. The end."
afrai profile - diary
comments: The future author of the Great Malaysian novel. Although lately I admit that I often go between her updates just to laugh at the crazy chick in the pointed bra.

My favorite music:

Jurassic Five
comments: Hip-Hop - Oh good, a group who realizes that "keepin' it real" means NOT trying to act tough and thuggish
Far East Club Band
comments: Jazz - I blindly bought this CD from a Japanese bookstore on 41st & 5th in NYC. I am pleasantly surprised because these guys are very good.
Echoing Green
comments: Electronic - Meloncholy, new-wave, and a surprising source of inspiration. I didn't mean to steal, honest.
Moxy Fr�vous
comments: Folk/Rock - I want Inspiration to hit me as hard as it did when they thought up "King of Spain". *DANG* that song's clever!
Laurie Anderson
comments: Avant Garde - Yeah, avant garde my tuckus. Laurie's a master lyricist and a daring musician. Plus she's weird. I like that.

My favorite movies:

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1955)
comments: When people ask me why I'm a coffee addict I usually wink and say "Because they get you in your sleep".
Grave of the Fireflies
comments: I wanted to curl up into a little ball and cry.
Nothern Exposure
comments: Not a movie, rather a TV show. Absolute classic. It's got that Seinfeld "show about nothing" and its humor is generated from the mild drama of Cicely Alaska. Amazing.
The Haunting (1963)
comments: I cried when I saw the previews for the remake starring Zeta-Jones. It looked *AWFUL*. Especially since the original is so amazing. And creepy.
The Big Lebowski
comments: The idea of having a hippy's life ruined by nihilists made me almost pee my pants. The rest of the movie rocked also.

My favorite authors:

S�ren Kierkegaard
comments: The epitome of pretentiousness. I mean, did you *notice* how I even included the "�"? Oh yeah, and life-changing existential angst, yadda yadda yadda
Douglas Adams
comments: The 5 Hitchhiker books are easily the funniest books I've ever read. You'll probably like it even if you don't like sci-fi.
Edgar Allan Poe
comments: His stories feature entombment for revenge, houses falling, men with possessed body parts, and talking ravens. COOL!
Terry Pratchett
comments: "There is a curse: they say, 'may you live in interesting times'."
Bill Amend
comments: This guy has to be a genius. Have you read Foxtrot? Where does he come up with half of his material?! It's cool.

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