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she is shy, though tries to be very brave. *grin* she is a graphic designer, student guitarist, loves to sing, draw, read, write short fiction, intends to be published some day and perhaps record as well, though only for personal satisfaction, not delusions of fame.

she feels connection with warm, gentle, intelligent and humorous people. she generally dislikes shallow and intolerant people. she has been called a guttergirl (if she asks "when are you going to be here" and you say "i'm coming right now," she is going to laugh. she can't help it, it is funny because it is taboo.)

she is a bleeding heart and artist, is tough but cries easily. she loves to laugh.

My favorite diaries:

matmutchmr profile - diary
comments: my e'swinging very best pal from junior college who was with me when we needed an e'space, who helped me out of the ceramics trash bin that I fell into while walking backwards and talking to a guy I liked (who just happened to keep on walking),
nettyutero profile - diary
comments: a very sweet girl who Matt introduced me to. Annette makes me laugh and brings me low carb goodies. :-)
kevinseven profile - diary
comments: a very nice boy who Matt introduced me to. Kevin calls me a whore and wants to see me make a fool of myself doing karaoke.
chiv profile - diary
comments: british bloke who hates lots of stuff (america included)... but i think i like him anyway. he wrote this: "very large spider..very not in the corner anymore *looks around nervously*." :-) very very.
heckafresh profile - diary
comments: a witty (and wit is a high form of intelligence) guy ... who likes to leave notes in my guestbook. ;-)
channeled profile - diary
comments: collaborative writing project inspired by, heck if i know. ;-) exciting exciting!
dope-sick profile - diary
comments: writing project by a friend of mine

My favorite music:

The Police and other childhood loves
comments: i adoped them as my guardian angels when i was thirteen and Rick Springfield wasn't doing a good enough job. i know, it's stupid. i was thirteen. i still love Andy Summers, get into most of Sting's solo stuff and enjoy Stuart Copeland too.
the tragic and the depressing
comments: Nirvana, Garbage, Radiohead, Wallflowers, ColdPlay, The Doves, Depeche Mode and Moby.
the agressive and the evil
comments: old stuff. i apologize for this but i love certain types of metal. Metallica, Disturbed, Korn, Megadeth, Papa Roach, Ozzy, even a bit of Slipknot.
the local and otherwise unheard of
comments: ezra vancil, The Magical Attraction of Booty, Push Down and Turn
the beautiful, inspired and genious
comments: Andy Summers (i know i mentioned him earlier ... but he needs to go here too), Chris Whitley, Ben Harper, Bruce Springstein, Eric Clapton

My favorite movies:

speculative things
comments: i don't wanna talk about movies. i wanna talk tv. on tv i like speculative science (you know, exploration and theory on other worlds, universe-building, doomsday asteroids, space/time theory, life in the universe theory, did we really go to the moon
creepy things/unusual things
comments: tv again. i like haunted history, haunted london, 50 most haunted places, haunted houses, tales of the bizarre, Six Feet Under, curious world, ancient world, history uncovered, stuff like that
music things
comments: MTV, VH1, you know
discovery things
comments: dinosaurs, cavemen, ancient cultures, giant squid, etc
okay ... movies
comments: Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (David Bowie flick), The Nightmare Before Christmas (Tim Burton masterpiece), Glory (i don't know why), Pi and Requiem for a Dream (you know why), Gentlemen Don't eat Poets (Trudy Styler film starring Sting)

My favorite authors:

Isaac Asimov, H.P. Lovecraft
comments: my scifi hero ... and my weird and creepy hero ... respectively.
Mary Soon Lee, Karawynn Long
comments: my new(er) writer hero ... and a new(er) writer who impresses me ... respectively.
Stephen R. Donaldson
comments: his Thomas Covanent series is probably my favorite series of books ever.
Piers Anthony
comments: i'm maybe a little embarrassed for liking this guy, but i do. just beware of the collaborations ... this guy has got more heart than judgement.
M.S. Merwin
comments: the poet. unconventional and yet so successful

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