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from iamacrobat :
hello. i am so glad you updated.
from jcruelty :
i like your journal. it makes me nostalgic for austin-- i used to live next to mother's cafe. huge quantities of tofu scramble were consumed. & here's to yo la tengo-- one of the 5 best shows of my life was the peel sessions @ queen elizabeth hall. they are one of the few bands that can make feedback beautiful to my ears.
from belile :
hey there, your pal liz here. look! i finally found your diary! i'm so lazy. i apologize for not diving into it sooner. i look at you and i think, "this girl is going to be famous someday." i don't know why i think that. perhaps there is a book inside you, preparing to be written. or maybe it was our long conversation about "this american life" and how i thought you'd be a perfect "this american life" contributor/radio celebrity. i'm serious! also, i have seen the rooster. what the hell is going on?
from lindsayism :
Hey! I just got your note. My little sister Mary just started the second grade! That is really a very unusual coincidence, that we both have little sisters.
from lindsayism :
I like your story. It's "rolling", but "waving" is a good description as well. If everyone did that once a year, there would be no war.
from fu-fu :
a friend of the wedding present is a friend of mine.
from bluethunder :
do you check this? i should emai you? but i'm at work and i can oly do so much opening of interent windows at once. so maybe you'll get this. thank you for your email awhile back, i have been a bad correspondant and i truly apologise. i like reading your diaries because you're a good writer and your life sort of reminds me of my life, a little. i want to see kicking and screaming but i don't have a vcr, thus i'v been trying to get my less than receptive vcr owning friends to rent it, but they always want to watch either art movies or movies about cheerleaders, with them there is no middle ground. i liked your entry about gary. your description og him reminds of my friend jason, who i am out of sync with. it sounds like maybe you are out of sync. anyway i just meant to say hi and not to rmable at you. yours, lucinda

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