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from mmmpoet :
hey hey, come visit austin!
from mmmpoet :
Hey, lizzy has got the shirts, she is working on them now, buhaha! they will rock.
from mmmpoet :
hey, I'm blocked.... =(
from jstarlight :
Hey girlie... You can call me whenever.. girl you should have come over last night.. if you need to talk just halla back. I luv ya to death. Luv, Jana
from mmmpoet :
Hey, it's megan. feel free to give me a call at anytime, I'm here for you.
from seanandjacob :
Survive me. I will treat you. I will treat your condition well. Well?
from leslieirene :
Hey! Thanks for the nice stuff you said about my diary layout! Guess what? It was designed by a 14-year-old: "Daisy Designs"! It was also free! Isn't she talented? Have a great day! Leslie Irene :)
from mmmpoet :
hey, in order to pick up the photog shirts I need $10, so just drop it by my house or mail it to me this week. Also, how abouts we hang out not this weekend but next, I get off at 4 next weekend on saturday. this saturday my moms making me go to this gs things. roar. megan
from mayfair130 :
I hope you still read these! Just want to let you know I love you very very much, and I know sometimes that doesn't count for much, but I hope that sometimes it does...I miss you very much and can't wait to see you this weekend!!! Love ya tons!!
from weezerisfun : is parties...good people...come to san antonio for a weekend...i'll show ya around....muahahha
from mayfair130 :
hey Tara Michelle Gellar !! Just got back home... I hung you and Brian's picture up in my room... it is CUTE!!! Just wanted to leave you a note, talk to you soon!
from josetheman :
I love you girl I am so sorry. Please let me explain.please answer your phone. If you will just listen to me once, I wont bother you again. Dont forget that I love you.If I could write it on a billboard over houston i would. please tell me what I have to do to be able to talk to you.Jose
from josetheman :
Hey, I am not mad anymore girl. Listen, I herd about what you did. And I am okay with that. I dont think any different of you. No matter what you do, I will always be here when you need to call or come over. So please call me. I am sorry about the other night. I love you baby. Jose
from weezerisfun :
you two gals are some crazy peeps...just in case you didn't know who this was..this is summer consists of working and hanging with my friends that i am leaving oh is going to be great..
from josetheman :
Hey girl, I joined this shit just for you baby.

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