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from whystinger :
You are NOT weak or pitiful, you ARE human. You have challenges as the rest of us do. You deserve better that him. It is easy to be an armchair quarterback, but nobody knows what you are going through but you. I am bothered by his emotional unavailability, but you also mentioned that your Dad was that way - that may be a reason you are with this guy, that pattern is familiar to you, OR you you are reliving it to see if you can change it. You can't change him, but you can change your reactions to him. His comments (that wounded you) worry me. He should care more in my opinion, unless you both were poly.
from the-grey-one :
He sounds exhausting.
from zenayda :
Just happened to click through. Sounds like you are very introverted. I'm an introvert, too, so I hear you about not digging crowds and a lot of socializing. I, too, have had to deal with extraverts criticizing my personality. They just don't get it. Then, to demand that you be some kind of Miss Congeniality when you go out is just that much more irritating. I feel for you. I really do.
from stepfordtart :
Must you move right now? If your BFs company wants him to buy where he works, why doesnt he do that? He could live there, then when he comes home he could stay with you at your ma's (especially if your stepdad is away too). You could get that anniversary out of the way while you get a chance to get your head straight. Otherwise, arent you going to have to move twice? Once to an appt with the BF and then either to where he buys a house or to wherever you decide to go after that. Stay put for a while, huh? s x
from fedge-lem :
Hi Grey Poupon, Just wanted to say that I still read your diary, even though I've abandoned this one and am no longer with the "fedge". You sound like a nice person and I think your bf is a bit of jerk. Let him come to you and if he doesn't, then screw him (don't mean literally). Us ladies stay with the wrong guys for far too long, I tell ya. <3 Mel
from dsk1220 :
sometimes random strangers read through random people's entries to try to gain a bigger perspective on things, life and the world in general. hope things work out whenever you find a need to write a new entry.
from stepfordtart :
Im very sorry for your loss and hope that you gain strength as you go through the grieving process. kindest thoughts. Stepfordtart x
from vxxen :
Fuck that. You feel how you feel. Young ppl shouldnt have to have all that burden..believe me i should know :/
from jackoffgia :
Wow , woman. You still fucking blog here? OMG. I was just checking around to view some of my old hang outs. How are you???? Have myspace or facebook? You can find me there:
from fedge-lem :
sorry to hear about the folks. but, yay for humping! i felt the same way when it happened to me. i was 21-years-old. (m.)
from fedge-lem :
i like the way you express yourself. i've pretty much abandoned this journal, but i do post in livejournal. my username is vegetablesoup. i like to read your rants. i thought it was only fair you could see mine too, if you care to. ;) p.s. leaving a comment on your guestbook isn't working too well.
from fedge-lem :
hey, i still read your journal and you don't update often enough! :) p.s. i'm crazylulu or also known as mel.
from selfbiased :
:leaves a plane ticket to california under your tree: merry christmas, sweets.
from selfbiased :
new template up, sweets.
from kittydribble :
thanks for the replie. sorry to be so trivial! If its any help i have experenced similar situations to your on-going experences.I hope that soon all this will pass for you and the world will become a brighter place.x
from kittydribble :
your profile says u live in london, england.But you write about living in the states? im confused, but whats new! Whatever good luck and take care+ ur invited by me 2 read about me it may help?
from moonwalkmeg :
Hey!beleave me!!!!there is noth'n 2 be ashamed of like'n michael jackson!HE ROCKS!i have 30 pics of him on my wall!just look at my profile and see wut i mean!:-D
from deadhermit :
hello, thank you for the encouraging words. it is rather nice to know of kindred souls out there in the world. and from the impression i get from your diary, I appreciate that smile quite a bit. :)
from jackoffgia :
Hey! I signed up for a diary because of YOU! Ahh insane! I read your's now you gotta read mine! =)

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