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from gumluverxoxo :
Hi I'm gumluverxoxo and I'm new. Note me sometime
from clovelly :
hmmmm. maybe send me an email with a password you wanna use - looks like i can just asign you one so i guess you can choose whatever you want. miss_mischief AT hotmail DOT com
from clovelly :
hey there - sorry, i didn't know anyone was reading it. i'm hiding it from my ex cause i don't.. well you know. let me just clean up the last couple of entries a bit and i'll give you a password. somehow. hmmmm.... not sure how that works but i'll sort it out.
from f-i-n :
i had fun reading!
from star-critics :
Just trying to spread our *new review site* around. Interested? If not, that's okay too... Hope to hear from you... Love, Star - Critics
from slicer123456 :
hi! im new here... :)
from basal :
from sarika :
wow. it's like i read you and understand myself a little better. that sounds a bit too crazy even for me... x
from h2helicopter :
thank you for helping me. i don know why or how but reading the stuff you write has made me feel more human than i have felt in a long time
from dannii :
take that chance... *smiles*
from cdghost :
enjoyed your words very much
from ononentityo :
The Postal Service ROCK! Sorry, I had to say that. Have a nice day =)
from dannii :
yeah...deconsaminating my life is turning out to be more of a drama than i had originally thought...she is everywhere. but with time, and my spiffy new dustbuster i will clear her all out..except for in those little places that even i can't reach sometimes. but hey...i can't have everything *hugs*...i hope all is bearable in your world..
from dannii :
hey you..haven't *seen* you online for a while...hope all is well. thanks for the christmas made my day :-D
from boylin :
hi my new diary name is youmineboy1
from ononentityo :
hmm odd. i drive a yellow mini. haha. take care.
from dannii :
well hello there...i'd wondered where you'd gone to *hugs*...i dunno if things are better or worse (kinda can't tell from your writings) but i hope all is well...*more hugs*
from kimuchi :
hey, saw you had hideous kinky as a fave - it's like my favourite movie of all time. i have a copy of it and am always having to explain to people that it's not a freaky porn or anything. they never seem to believe me. i think i've only convinced 2 or 3 people ever to watch it.
from dannii : are too sweet...dont don't fret my pretty, i will be online from uni as often as i can be...hehehehe...and i have so much to add good, and i'll mail you more when i can :-)
from dannii :
*ahem*...i have decided to take advantage of that private folder feature in my new and improved GOLD diaryland membership...hehe...thanks btw :-)...anyway....the username is dannii (or course)...and password is privatesuff . i was going to email this to you, and thought "nah...i dont care if people see the login details"'s only a certain few that i don't wan reading it, and i don't think they'll come in here looking for the key to the lock. hope all is well with you *hugs*
from dannii :
yes yes...i have often thought that our lives ran's scary, isn't it?? i haven't seen the grrl yet since i left for work, so i don't know how well things are. but they always seem to work themselves out. i hoe you are taking care of yourself *hugs*
from dannii :
god...reading your latest entry brough back some old feelings of how hard it was for me the first few weeks after linda and i ended...and all i can say to you is, it will be a hard journey, but there IS light at the end of that long, dark, lonely tunnel (no no, i didn't want to sugar coat it for you)'s also very hard for our recently-ex-partners to actually get into ex mode and stop acting like they're still our partners. although, it has only been a week and a half. just remember to vent, grrl...whether it's in here (your diary) or to someone, just let it out - as bottling it up will do nothing but harm *hugs* thoughts are with you. take care.
from dannii :
i dont know what else to say except for *hugs*...and that my thoughts are with you.
from jekylandhyde :
Hey there, thanks for the note. Glad you got the CD and liked it :-)
from jekylandhyde :
Oh cool! Selling to someone i like! That's always nice :-) I'm not changing much, was just the volume of a vocal! I tried to email you to say thanks, but it wouldn't let me! Enjoy the CD :-)
from keryanna :
I keep spare dishes in the house for the sole purpose of breaking. Trust me. It works.
from dannii :
dude....get well soon coz i'm running out of things to read ;-)
from jekylandhyde :
Thanks for what you said bout my music :-) Glad you like it! I'm getting a "SMALL!" cult following on diaryland, heh heh. Thanks for adding me too, i'll check your diary out more... :-)
from dannii :
hey sorry to hear things btw the grrlie and you aren't as peachy as they could be..i hope all gets brighter soon *hugs* (it's this damn war, i tell ya!!!)
from dannii :
o0oO0o0Ooh..ani promo cd eh?? man...i want ur job...really...i could easily give up nursing and get into sales...hehe...especially if it involves free promo cd's!!! i downloaded most of evolve last nite...only song i couldn't find a studio version of was...umm..serpentine...but the rest i got...and am planning on listening to in my long ass research lecture. thanks for thinking of me're the best! ;-) it's nice to know ppl think of lil ol me. i have the new waifs cd here..i think i sent you some of their mp3's..anyway, i put a cd together and will send it out as soon as i get to a post office. you have a good one. -d
from jekylandhyde :
ah a fellow kristin hersh follower :-)
from dannii :
hey you..hope all is well and stuff..and more imprtantly, i hope yr new years rocks! be good and be safe *hugs* later
from dannii :
firstly...congrats on ur 200th post..woohoo.. :-) and thanks heaps for the lil happy was very cute...and sam says thanks aswell. i have a cd here waiting to be sent out to you. it's of jess mcavoy - very cute lil aussie dyke. and thankfully my printer is no longer being an ass, so i can do a decent cover and show u what she looks like. ummm..i had something else to write, but have totally forgotten..mmm..damn. oh well, you have a good one, and i'll sit down a write a long one once my exams have passed. later *MMMMWAH*
from dannii :
grrrrrrrrrrrl...if it got me backstage at a melissa ferrick gig, i can assure you i would o much more than just flirt with the boy *drunken giggle* maybe i wouldn't go too far - but flirting is definately acceptable when it comes to something as big as melissa...flirt flirt flirt yr way forth ;-)
from dannii :
oohhh...melissa ferrick tomorrow?!!???!!!! lucky you ;-) we never get anything good down here...btw - i sent ur cd last week, so you should get it soonish
from smutt :
oohh...did you say *free* folk rock chick c.d??? *hint hint*..well...only if you're bored ;-) btw - joanna kerns, as in "growing pains"?? it's ok though, coz there's nothing wrong with older women - and don't ever let anyone tell you any different
from dannii :
happy birthday grrl.. if it was't for the fact that i was trapped out in this nations (underdeveloped) capital, i would've dropped a note sooner.. man - do you think someone can actually die from computer withdrawls?? but yeah..enuff of me - you have a good one *cheers*

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