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from for-you-only :
I miss your comments on my journal, and I miss you. :( My journal is locked now, but your welcome to it: username: read password: me I also started a duel journal in blogger: That one I've replaced Corvier's name with Crusifer... Perhaps I could know where your new journal is? ...
from inprivate :
I only just found YOU... I am NOT happy with this decision. The fact that you don't know me? Doesn't matter, missy.
from the-moo :
I don't want you to have left I know I have your email somewhere but I'm not sure if it's out of date I've not been able to read diaries for ages but I've missed so much and I'm so sad!! I'm sorry I've been so rubbish!! lovelovelvoelovelovelovelove tell me how to help!!! xxx
from pinkbowshoe :
just saying hi. i found ya and left a comment, but it was from your entry a few days ago. i love your writting. ta ta.
from ashnwesten :
Look in my babymakes3 diary-- I will also continue to update there as well.
from miedema2002 :
Nice Diary. You're lucky you married the one so young in life.
from the-moo :
just to let you know I'm still thinking of you and praying and I hope God is holding you even tighter than normal and that you'll feel those warm safe arms and know that it will all be ok!! xxx
from for-you-only :
I tagg you! You must follow the game - to read the rules of the game, read my latest entry. :) YOU'RE TAGGED! ~Phoenix
from babymakes3 :
Just wanted to thank you for the compliments in your last note! :)
from razor-vixen :
Happy Birthday! I couldn't get into your comments.
from cera-jeanne :
i'm sorry things are rough. and i'm sure they are worried about you, too, it's just hard to see past ourselves sometimes. hang in there - and have that cry if you need it.
from vintagepearl :
All my best to you and your husband. Things will get better, it will be alright. You're in my thoughts, love!
from lindzeeleigh :
Thinking about you and sending big hugs!!! xoxo
from wordsofmine :
I like the looks of your site, very pleasing to the eye.
from theturtle :
Dang you, now you went and locked the thing...
from cnotefwb77 :
Hello! I found your diary through one of my buddies and just wanted to say hi and let you know I was reading, (if you don't mind!).
from vintagepearl :
Wow. Yeah, I was tearing up when I read *that*. It was so sweet of your father to write you that! He seems like a great dad, aw.
from vintagepearl :
No problem :)
from vintagepearl :
I believe the dustbuster flew *this* way <--
from camera-girl :
Thx for the comment! Glad you liked my new look. :-)
from vintagepearl :
That's really sad. The suicide ones get me hardest I think. Wow.
from vintagepearl :
Yay! Haha, template club! We could make banners, t-shirts, and coffee mugs (of course). Thanks :) I like your templates too! I guess us template fanatics have good taste in templates. I'm always so picky, like if there's one things wrong, I won't take it. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to HTML. Heehee.
from babymakes3 :
Just thought I'd let ya know I'm adding you as a fave & will catch up on you soon!
from i-found-him :
That's cool!!! I'll definitely have to check yours out, too! :) Thanks for leaving me a note and letting me know!!!
from cera-jeanne :
Hi! i just read a bit of your bio and saw that you got married a day before my hubby and I did (in the same year, too!). :) I will have to read some of your diary to get to know you better. Hope you are enjoying married life! :)
from vintagepearl :
Feel better soon :) Enjoy your time off from work! Love.
from the-moo :
Just so you know Heather I count you among the most beautiful people I know - online or otherwise! Not just outwardly... but in all ways.. YOU ARE STUNNING and I love you xxx
from lindzeeleigh :
Happy Easter, Heather! I hope you are having a lovely weekend. :)
from theturtle :
I admit that I liked the pears a little better, though the light-green-on-white text was very hard to read on a laptop screen...
from acrynthedark :
Hi! How are you? Thanks for the note! I love your new layout. It's really pretty. Take care. God bless. ~*Dana*~
from revisions :
realthoughts and i recently went off birth control because of the horrible side effects. although alternative forms of prorection are kind of a pain, my sanity has returned. there are some great resources and options out there besides the pill. hope things work out!
from lindzeeleigh :
Thanks for the birthday wishes, I LOVE confetti!! hehe. :)
from vintagepearl :
:) No problem. How are things?
from vintagepearl :
Hi . . . I know I don't know you, but I just wanted to say I'm sorry about your grandma, and you're right, she's not suffering anymore, and you'll see her again someday. Take care!
from wunderwuman :
Hey... I was wondering if I could have the password to your diary? :)
from ticktrix :
FYI ... I sent you an email at MySpace.
from the-moo :
aaaaaaw I don't know what I've missed but if I am ok allowed entry please email me and if not know that I still love you anyway and hope all is well xxx
from dieselengine :
I'm glad the hat is a hit!
from anita-girl :
Hey! I got the postcard! Yesterday! It tooka while to come to Canada!! Thanks so much!
from for-you-only :
You did???? Oh, I can't wait to get it!!! My mom is bad with mail, so I hope she didn't already get it and loose it! ahhh! :)
from for-you-only :
My birthday was rather dull actually.
from fan4 :
Thanks for adding my diary to your favorites list.
from newlywedblis :
Heather! So sorry to hear about Brian. I've been across the country visiting beloved's family and didn't get a chance to read your page until I got home--I'll be praying for you two! Hope they find out whatever it is that's going on!! [hug]
from revisions :
i'm really sorry about your husband's illness. that has to be awful. i hope things work out for the best.

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