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from caligirl1313 :
thats too bad...
from caligirl1313 :
you locked your diary?
from lovemetwice :
you know that's mutual my dear. and i don't have the words rightnow to do it justice; but that note made me so happy. and it makes me smile at how entirely, you are one of my best friends in the world. thankyou for everything, truly. ♥
from lovemetwice :
it really does. even the air. it's the sweetness of the salt in the atmosphere. or maybe. it's just the atmosphere. it makes me high. iloveyou.
from neuroticaa :
i'm afraid of time being like water
from girl-razor :
I wish I could read this. You seem to be wisened. Finiteness. Indeed it is, but I wonder the same, what happens to the mind? We are all forgotten in the end, is it selfish to wish for rememberance?
from neuroticaa :
do you think he was afraid to go to sleep at night?
from lovemetwice :
happy new years to you, too, darling. may it bring you all the happiness the world posesses and more. you deserve it. xox
from lovemetwice :
....did you know. that you've always left me hanging. on every. word?
from rageofangelz :
one day i hope to find a boy who will write me a diary full of letters just like yours...
from briddy-b :
reader, loofah. Kiss kiss, brids
from castxdown :
I'm glad you've found someone... Your last entry was fabulous.
from neuroticaa :
mmmmm i just lapped up that last entry like warm milk. who is she?
from briddy-b :
Wow. Today's entry is especially beautiful. I think I read it seventy times. Your diary is SO different from mine, it's absurd. But in a good way. XOXO Brids
from caligirl1313 :
i would rather read your diary over my favourite published poets- the greatest compliment i could ever hand out
from agitated :
well thank you! your diary is quite beautiful.
from caligirl1313 :
every word you write is poetry. if crying is feeling- your words make me feel

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