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from readnglst999 :
Where is clarity25? Recent vacation blog - "Eric's" Photobucket account -
from mroutt :
I miss you
from protoplast :
where are you? i miss you.
from martindavid :
i agree with you - i have to answer mine for work as i am a consultant - but week-ends the thing is off. Mondays I phone the thing to find out where it is!! You write very well. Thanks.
from b-jy-ce :
i just read your entry about not having a cell phone. i had a lot of shit for not having a cell phone and was forced to get one last year after my mom literally bought me one. i kept telling everyone i was afraid of being tracked by the government. i hate that cell phones, for most people, are like an appendage.
from protoplast :
miss you. no d.c. trip this year because I got fired. also, we never have to eat with those boring bitches ever again if i do get to d.c. ever. i finally stopped feeling guilty. i do wish we could go have a drink and catch up though.
from suicideblond :
did i mention how fabulous it is to have you back? haha, you and your fan club...
from beinghuman :
i was so sad, watching your days turn into months, never updated. i assumed you had perfectly good reasons, and started to "ignore" this place myself, mostly because lack of opportunity made me forget about it and not care or need it. i'm so glad you're back. i hope everything is very good for you, and i've already slurped up your first three entries. HOORAY, i missed you!!! -a
from suicideblond :
i hear ya... i hate calling people on their cell phones unless it is to make/confirm plans b/c what if they're doing something else and don't feel like being bothered. i also never answer mine unless it is b/c i am waiting for a call to make plans or confirm something. anything informational can be left on my voice mail. muah!
from cutething :
hooray! welcome back, please stay awhile.
from clarity25 :
However..your last note was somewhat unsettling. Have you had a number of negative experiences? Maybe you can enlighten I don't make the same mistakes. Perhaps I am a bit too blue-eyed when it comes to certain matters, too trusting of the world and trying to see "all the good". I don't want to get burnt.
from clarity25 :
YOU'RE BACK!! *This is me leaping into your arms and giving you a huge hug!* When I saw "Influence" in my comments section my jaw dropped. I thought: "Could it it possible..?!" I had given up hope after such a long time! Okay, I realize you might NOT be back and you're still contemplating the possibility..but I hope you will be. I've missed your writing. You were one of the first to add me to their buddy list, on the first diaries I truly enjoyed, and I still play that mixed CD all the time in the office.:). Anyhow, thanks for dropping by my comments section.. Mr. "sexier than a perfume" ad. Hope you'll be sticking around for a while! Take care! -Clarity

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