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from sunnflower :
I wish I could attend. This looks like it will be a blast. Know that Suburban Island will be there is spirit!
from her-story :
Unfortunately, I can't go. But, I will be Javelina hunting in spirit. Roast a marshmallow or two for me, will ya?
from im2qt2kr :
I just now tried to get on the site (Monday, 07/16 @ 11:45 CA time) and the page just shows up blank. Thought you may want to know. P.S. I made a little mention of your hunt on my entry today. teehee
from cosmic :
How rude am I?? Great site! Good job.
from cosmic :
I agree with sunstarr. I volunteer to be the official Mascot.
from sunstarr :
I have a suggestion. (Got a box I can drop it in? heh heh) How about making an honorary registry on the sidebar. In other words, people like me who'd *like* to go but can't and yet fully support all the javelinahunters in all of their endeavors.
from wolfer2500 :
Awsome my Daddy takes me out to shoot pumpkins every year your lucky to have this fun. GL (good luck) next year hope you have good or better luck next time. ^_^
from ship-jumper :
I love Hiss' ideas for when bloggers become hoggers...or however she stated it! The page looks great guys. Lots of info and very simple and easy to navigate!! So wish I could come but I'll having to wait for Javelina 2009-The Revival
from hissandtell :
Oh, BTW -- I do know javalinas are not precisely pigs. But try as I might, I couldn't think of a thing to rhyme with peccary. (Except maybe "pessary". Ewwwww.) x
from hissandtell :
You know, I was thinking today that the Great Javalina Hunt needs a motto, or a slogan, or a vision statement -- and what I came up with (when I was washing dishes this afternoon) was, "The Great Javalina Hunt: Where Bloggin' Goes Hoggin'!" (Or, perhaps, "Where Bloggers Meet Hoggers!" Or, "Where Blogs and Hogs Face Off!" Or even just "Blogs and Hogs!" etc etc.) Love, R xxx
from brightopal :
Gee, I found you! Good going :)

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