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from nessiegurlie :
I like your supergirl theme. Whenever the awakening happens, let me know!
from grrl-blog :
thanks for stopping by, i will definitly check out your diary time to time & email you if i need you. :)
from jujubiebie :
i just wanted to tell you to hang in there with Liam. i am the mother of an 8 month old and i still have those sanity issues from time to time. enjoy it while he's at this stage thats a little bit easier. recently brendan has started getting into much more trouble and much more needy again. hang in there, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
from ray0flight :
Merry Christmas!
from breakthemold :
hey - i would really appreciate you resetting your lock on your diary, cuz everytime i open mine up, it asks for the password to your diary, and i've never even visited your diary. i know it's prolly something with the site - but please try resetting your locks so i don't have to e-mail everyone from china to california running this site to fix it. thank you. xoxox
from ray0flight :
woo poor daddy. hope he feels better soon
from ray0flight :
Hmm non-diary I don't know. Pregnancy diary check
from diaryevals :
We have no clue... odd! Will re-post now! So Sorry...
from ray0flight :
I just wanted to let you know that I am no longer updating Smushy but I have started a new diary! The OF is actually zero-F not OF :)
from no-answers :
Hey :) I just saw the comment you put on your profile and I wondered if you'd like to see my new diary? It's at I wish you weren't all locked up, I'd like to read you :) May I be cheeky and ask for a password?
from smushy :
I am sorry I couldn't talk to you last night on MSN - I hope you are feeling better **hugs**
from smushy :
Im sorry I don't know what you are going thru and I don't pretend to understand but if you need anyone to talk to at any time drop me a line.... ((hugs))
from jenne1017 :
Thanks for the offer but it is actually the digital camera. It's a piece of crap. I can't get close enough without it fraking out on me. If I used a regular one, I coulda done better. Thanks for the thought tho.
from dprezd-chica :
luv the template. and i read some of yer entries. you kick ass. i'm gonna link ya. bye 4 now. my diary is if u wanna check it out. dis ones lame. bye.
from jbmcgee :
Ah, that's too bad 'bout the Miss Swan ring, but ya gots to do what ya gots to do. I noticed in your profile that you like Save Ferris. If you're into ska/punk bands, perhaps you'll take a moment to check out my band? Thanks.
from toughwedgies :
thank you for leaving a note. i wish you didn't have to take away the Miss Swan ring. *sobs* That was so rad though. my mother is JUST LIKE Miss Swan....
from welsey :
Thanks for the note! I'm glad you like my diary, I just checked yours out and I like yours a lot too. Your writing style is really good and really interesting, it makes me happy that you say mine reminds me of it. Good luck with a possible pregnancy, false positives are really common on tests taken that early so it might be nothing to worry about.
from starkitten01 :
I really like your diary, and your layout is really pretty as well. I'll be back for updates. :) StarKitten01
from monkeymia :
you can have the password but i'm too lazy to email you so you can email me. heh. [email protected]
from mstwheelie :
Hi love this diary. The template is wonderful!!
from lo-li-ta :
Your dog is so cute-don't ever let anyone take him away! I think it's so cruel when people threaten to call the dogcatcher, but I've had the happen before with my dogs, so don't feel alone. And don't worry about your diary-the first time I saw it I fell in love with everything, espcially the layout! It's like some people have nothing better to do than bitch. Anyway take care, things will get better soon, I'm sure.
from babydeedee04 :
Hey Marieh, What's up? nothing much i was just wondering if you could help me. Do you know how you have like different buttons for your rings and a different button for G-Book. Do you think you can email me and tell me how to do that [email protected] please ha
from starlightz :
hey there! i just read your entry....saying you wanted to contact me! =) so anyways if you is my email.... [email protected] 'kay?
from babydeedee04 :
oh man i love your diary with the gold butterflys that is really creative. Did it take you a while to do that? I tryied changing mine but i didn't cuz i kept getting frushtrating. ahh well hey i am in the Sagittaurs Diaryrings and thought i should make some new friends cuz im new to diaryland ha.
from jenne1017 :
addiction is good. very, very good!
from jenne1017 :
is it bad that I want to be a pig now?? :O) thanks for doing the survey!
from cherryboom :
*blows you over a huge big cloud of healthiness YEAH!* puffff
from xcorix :
Hello there. My name's Cori. I found you on the sXe ring and I was wondering if you have a site(or a blog). If you do, please visit my new site Straight Edger. All the info you need on the site will be there. Thanks! Cori
from pussy-power :
I'm back! :D One of these days, we've got to have a full conversation on AIM. LOL. But don't worry - sooner or later, I'll be writing you an email - a long one. --Manda
from slvrdroplets :
welcome to the i like girls ring!! Love your layout ;)
from starcrush :
i was just reading your wishlist and noticed that you want both "emotion is dead" (TJT) and "greatest hits" (reggie) . weellllllllllll i have both so if you want me to i'll record them and send them to you seen as my fucking xmas/christmas prezzie has obviously been lost or something (unless you got it yet?). let me know if you haven't got them both yet and want me to. xoxo.
from starcrush :
sue the bastards. say fuck buttons he should've been concentrating. ask if they'd feel the same if it was their kid. sure the bastards. or let me? you know how i am so good at acting (or not so much acting) the hardcore bitch. gawd. i think i'm glad i don't live in america if it's your fault you get knocked down by a car when you're crossing a lit crossroads. pedestrians have right of way on crossroads any fucking way. kick their asses sisser. xoxo.
from cherryboom :
OH MY GOD! mwah mwah you poor little girlie how incredibly scary O_o! i hope you are okay and bounce back quick-smart and in the meanwhile that everybody takes care of you nicely. EEK hit by a car!! ow ooowww! pssst - i need your email address so i can mail you my pword
from cherryboom :
silly billy marie i sent you it! check the address you have on your diary and if its not there let me know and i'll send it out again okay? xx
from hoebag9 :
ok so against your warnings, I bought a bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans...AND I tried the sardine-flavored one. Oh my god that was like death in my mouth. Same with black pepper, which burned my tongue, and some mysterious greenish one (booger?) Those people are sick! But it was kinda fun anyway.
from m00np0p :
i like your layout too. i wish i had some skills. ^_^;; anywho, harry potter is a great series. i can't wait to see the movie.
from cherryboom :
*eee* i'm sorry!! I pixie wished for you and your midterm - heehee that's almost guaranteed success!!
from jonasty :
hey, found you on the college ring and just wanted to let you know that you rock!!! keep writin, keep smilin, try not to study too hard! i know i won't! :) ps. awwwww....this boy of yours sounds really great! you go!
from icedflame :
Hey! I don't know why I'm leaving you a message, I'm just amused, seeing as you're the only other person from F'ton.. Don't worry, I don't plan to stalk you. :)
from iona :
such a pretty layout..and I like your jotted notes too...I hope you get to have fun soon.
from cherryboom :
*aaaaiiiieeeee*!!!WOW!You are the bestest in the whole wide world!!GOONIES RING!!Thankyooooouuuuuuuu!!And I know you've already left but have an amazing time I <3 you!!*wow* xEVEx
from wet-the-bed :
Well, hey there sweetie. I decided to leave you a note instead of writing another entry in your guestbook. I sent you an email darling - hopefully you'll get it and read it and do whatever with it. But we'll talk later on tonight. I promise. -Manda
from cherryboom :
okay, well...hmmm I'm rather shitty with html and the like, but what you gotta do is go to the 'archive your entries' section, check the boxes according to where you want your entries to be [ie) Feb-Jun 2000 will go in the last collumn] click 'archive these', copy the html snippet it gives you then go to the 'edit your html' section and click on the 'older' option and paste the snippet in changing the bits that say 'description of older1' or whatever. I hope that helps, prolly not cos I'm just repeating the instructions but hey, good luck! :*
from cherryboom :
hey-hey! wow you're too cool, um I have nothing to say, I'm gonna go read a load of your backentries byebye! Evie xXx

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