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from muffinhead :
hey!!! didn't realize you were back!! Hiya! i know i'm locked but if you email me at rockabillydollie at yahoo dot com, i'll give ya a password!
from amalthea23 :
don't forget to fill in all the parts where it says "username" but otherwise, i love it!
from a-prufrock :
Hello. I stumbled on your diary not too long ago, but I have some bad news for you. When the diaryland server crashed, a lot of people's diaries were slightly tampered with. This mostly seems to occur in the archives in older sections of the diaries, and I believe that's happened to you. If you'd like to fix it, YOU CAN DO SO BY CHANGING YOUR TEMPLATE. IF YOU'D LIKE TO KEEP YOUR CURRENT TEMPLATE, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SAVE THE HTML CODES SOMEWHERE, THEN CHANGE THE TEMPLATE TO ONE OF THE PREFAB ONES, AND SWITCH BACK. YOUR DIARY SHOULD BE NORMAL. Anyway, have a good day, and hope to read more from you soon.
from phoenix21 :
Hey. Jimmie's Chicken Shack is a really great band. :)
from marshmallo18 :
hey... my friend has heard of your guard although i haven't
from marshmallo18 :
hey... in response to your note, i'm in the Parkland High School's outdoor/indoor guard in Pennsylvania.
from poeticsilnce :
wow im your first note, or maybe you just deleted the other any case, i hate feeling that way that you do.but it will be over soon. dont forget its just a phase.

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