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I'm 30 and living in Mastic Beach on Long Island with a great guy and a psychic cat. I run a webstore, I'm chronically ill, and I'm always supposed to be writing. I try to keep it all straight, but not narrow.

My favorite diaries:

reanimations profile - diary
caterwaul profile - diary
boogie profile - diary
jammybastard profile - diary
amandabean profile - diary
comments: i am interested.
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comments: he can be your buddy too!
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comments: wow. i like this guy... he's the kool uncle i never had....
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comments: this is the rockinist south of da boarder chick, WAY south.
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comments: this is the pro anna girl that i read, cause when i pass an accident, i always look for bodies.
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comments: amandabean sent me...
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comments: sick like me and a cute layout to boot...
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comments: we have a lot in common, it's interesting to hear it from someone elses point of view...
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comments: just brilliant, though 99% off on pop culture, but hey, nobody's perfect :)
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comments: best diary EVER!!!
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comments: ouch
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comments: she drives a ghost car.
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comments: she gave me the best present i ever got...
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comments: this chick is funny, she reminds me of me once upon a time...
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comments: i've read the whole thing, and it's a liar's club bastard outta carolina feel, which i like even though i hate chicks, and i wish she updated more.
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comments: don't bother, there's never an update.
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comments: ah ha! she went here..
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comments: i'm in!
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comments: indeed.
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comments: doing a test run
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comments: another test run
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comments: on the island as well, hmmm
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comments: always good to have a new one.
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My favorite music:

Jill Sobule
comments: She has four albums now, so if you've not heard more than i kissed a girl, well, that's just sad...i would marry her if i could...
Marilyn Manson
comments: c'mon, he's pretty and catchy and just get those hackles down and open yer mind, he is pretty and terrible too...i cannot look away...
comments: and all gansta rap...west coast baby...snoop, dre...D12..nothing like a little white girl bouncin' to work everyday.... DANGER! mystikal is my new bud... and hey i'm unemployed, so i ain't bouncin' ho where...
Mindless Self Indulgence
comments: i've come to realize that after eminem, this s my favorite band on earth. who can make the sunrise? sprinkle it with dew? FUCKIN JIMMY URINE!!! THAT'S WHO!!!!
Bob Geldof
comments: Who's Bob Geldof? Oh man...grrrr

My favorite movies:

comments: that xtian bale, he's so hot right now. and the gun kata has to be the coolest invention ever.
American Psycho
comments: It's a good interpretation of a GREAT book
comments: bill paxton can kick ass after all. way to go, chet!
Boondock Saints
comments: two hot irish guys and willem dafoe as a faggot, hot damn. and those lads be nekkid in the special features, wink wink...
donnie darko
comments: it maka me cry

My favorite authors:

Dino Buzzati
comments: he's amazing, if i could write like him i'd die happy
Chuck Palahniuk
comments: Yeah, I can't pronounce it either, but those are some damn fine books
Stephen King
comments: Yeah, I have a bachelors in writing and I LOVE him, so bite me
Bret Easton Ellis
comments: American Psycho, was that a dream?
martin amis
comments: skillz

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