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from heidiann :
Oh god thank you so much for the feedback! I've only taken Vicodin twice before so I don't have much experience with it. I'm definitely going to stop taking it. Thank you!!! xoxo
from tox-sickgirl :
Thanks for the info. I'm gonna check it out.
from big-hungry :
okay. i stopped by your diary after doing your survey. most unusual for me, but here goes. sorry about the chest cold. a little lemon, a little honey, a little bourbon, slam it. if it doesn't work, take a little lemon, a little honey a little more bourbon, and slam it. you get the idea. something from the ozarks that has worked for my family for generations. as for the choice of words, it's not _your_ fault that other folks don't have a vocabulary. there are 330,000+ words in the english language, and we're still making them up! thanks in part, to your friends snoop & eminem, et al. i think that someone that has a limited vocab is just that, limited. perhaps they can't handle a great big world full of great big books and great big words. so sad to be small and pitiful sometimes. abh! phoooey on 'em, i say! go ahead, make their eyes roll back into their heads! lead, follow, or get the hell outta the way, i think. whoa. off my soapbox. y'all be nice now. hope you get feeling better. and the sunflower pollen shouldn't hurt you. as for the almonds, it takes many pounds of almonds shells boiled down for a long time to make a decent batch of poison. love ya, mean it!
from sunshine831 :
Mastic Beach? Yeah if I had a car that would be so perfect, but alas I do not :(
from kristintracy :
hey lady! thanks so much for the offer. i actually found a place today. (assuming all goes according to plan, knock on wood, etc.)
from heidiann :
Eee! Of course you can! I'm completely honored! =)
from heidiann :
I won Darla!!!! I squeal with joy! She is so lovely!! Thank you so much! I think she deserves a place of honor in the office I will soon have at work!! xoxo
from sunshine831 :
So if you put dread falls into google, guess who pops up first? You do! :D
from sunshine831 :
So sad, one of my pet peeves are people who don't read FAQ...and there I go and do it! I am putting my order together. I will let you know when I send it :D
from sunshine831 :
Oh and I wanted to order a set of custom falls but have no clue where to start.
from sunshine831 :
Hey! I wanna get some stuff from your store. But I currently have no credit card, and no bank account. Could I send you a money order for the total? And then you can send me the stuff? :D
from sunshine831 :
Yay! on the beach walking, Boo! on the pain...maybe just Sunday would be best. Woohoo! on the sales, hopefully you will get more real soon. Okay I will stop now with the !!! heh...Bateman and fake boy are too cute.
from beckers-j :
Thanks for the comment about your location and your brother's soon to be ex. I know I'm overreacting, but I sometimes get a little freaked out about the fact that I have an online diary. ;)
from sensualistic :
i'd do the beach walking with you :D
from whystinger :
Hmmm, I seem to have grown into the diary. There is something to be said for having a sparsely furnished home. I must say I liked our house better when we had less furniture. It looked cleaner and more roomy. It may be a phase one goes through. Like at one time I liked my metals shiny and polished. Then I liked them sanded and natural looking, a matte finish. I am back to shiny now....
from whystinger :
I will try your suggestions. My hissing works on the other cats... It has been a bit better. I stopped biting (vet's suggestion) him back and started to push him away and ignore him when he pisses me off, so maybe that is why it has been better. I will give it a shot!
from whystinger :
I have talked about divorce if things don't change and she trips me out by saying "you aren't giving me a chance.." or "when you say that you put too much pressure on me..." and things like that. She is manipulative and unfortunately I fall for it. She used to be the one that threatened divorce, but I think she knows I would say "let's do it." She has used the "I am working on it" line so often that I have learned to not believe it. I need to be more firm and to have a deadline. I do know this: I may have to divorce her before she wakes up and starts to do what she needs to do. I haven't left yet. Funny, but it will be two years in a month and a half since I came very close to moving out... I still need to figure my way thru this
from modern-grape :
silly rabbit, no comments allowed. layers, bangs, for sure. Then an interesting color job? One of those super hipster type bleaches like so:
from sunshine831 :
Hmm semi wavy and long, and you mean something more than just long layers cut into it? If I could only figure out my damn paypal password so that I could upgrade your diary and leave a comment :D
from whystinger :
Thanks for the tip. All sorts of interesting stuff on there. I was going to look local here for eros, but may not. Check this out... they make some heavy claims her...
from sensualistic :
oh! there's a link to import books on the library thingie! dunno if that will help you or not... but it's there when i sign in
from sensualistic :
delicious looks so much cooler and i can't use it! i'm so jealous! and dorky right along with you :D
from sunshine831 :
Its dyed a light brownish blonde, it was stripped some before I colored it.
from sunshine831 :
I want a complete change from where I am now. I was thinking vampire red. I don't even know how to get it this perfect but I would love to try.
from whystinger :
eros, huh? I need to check that out. We used some K-Y, but that was so-so. I picked up some astro glide and found the K-Y warming lotion and bought that at the same time. We tried that and that seems to suit her well. I don't know if the illnesses and diabetes has affected her nerves there, if it is her age or the fact that she had a hysterectomy when she was thirty. I think the warming action of the warming lotion helps her. Maybe it is just because it is slick, but not too slippery...
from sunshine831 :
ughh password is crap
from sunshine831 :
of course. stupid drama made me lock the damn thing again. user bleh password rap
from whystinger :
Thanks for the note... NOw I can find my way back :)
from whystinger :
saw your banner and took a peek. cool diary, but hope I can find my way back, as my pc is down...
from beckers-j :
I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree. :)
from beckers-j :
And they were perfectly right to ignore the previous three films - which were all crap - but what about the first two? Burton directed the first two, and they were great!
from sensualistic :
You know you're at the top of my list!
from sunshine831 :
I think he meant more that when it comes to being with someone "Forever" that we shouldn't always focus on what could have been or what has been if we are truly happy. If we aren't happy then we should figure out what should make us happy and move on. My dad is supportive of my moving on without Matt. He thinks that would be best for me.
from tox-sickgirl :
Thank you! I'm gonna have to check it out. I've only noticed clips of it on there. I'll take another look.
from tox-sickgirl :
Is that human exhibit coming to the New York area? Have you heard anything?
from zerom3ph :
heh. happy birthday to both of you then ;]
from beckers-j :
Yes, beside the fact that I enjoy writing and want to record certain things for myself, my diary does serve as a communication device. And I appreciate you wondering. It gave me the opportunity to flesh that out. :)
from beckers-j :
I only mentioned letting a few people read it if I were to lock it because there are some people here on D-Land now who I actually consider 'friends' in a certain way. I've come to value their opinions and enjoy sharing things with them. That's the reason I would give them passwords. Not just because of the fact that they leave comments but because of the fact that they now mean something to me.
from beckers-j :
Does it seem as if I keep my journal for the comments? I don't get enough comments for that to be my only motivation. However, since there are a certain number of people reading it on a regular basis, I don't think it's too much to ask that these people make themselves known once in a while.
from beckers-j :
Yes, it was. Did you try to see a movie, too? Sheesh, the nerve of that power surge!
from zerom3ph :
have a cup of pennyroyal tea? (i know, how very english of me *blech*)
from yumenomiko :
you brightened my already lovely evening of quiet and edie carey and cleaning and things. nice trick. i think if we knew each other we'd irritate each other after a while. but here, shoot- you're just the bees knees and you made me smile an awful lot. thanks, kiddo. thanks.
from beckers-j :
I live in Oakdale. Maybe I shouldn't be so specific, but what the hell. It's not as if I'm posting my address and some ripper is going to knock on my door tonight. Point being, yes. We do live near each other.
from beckers-j :
Hey! You're on my list of buds. And we do live in the same general vicinity, eh?
from modern-grape :
thank you <3 hope the house-hunting smooths out soon
from green-kiwis :
Just wanted to say I love your JtHM banner! It definately made me click :D
from modern-grape :
...sorry if I offended you??? I meant I knew what you were going through sometimes emotionally and I wasn't trying to pity you or anything...I was just saying you're cool and I hope you feel better? I hope your entry wasn't directed at me.
from modern-grape :
hello...dropping a note... I like your diary because I can totally relate to everything you're going through (except being sick, but I think that helps me not take advantage of my health) and reading it is sort of like reading someone else's opinion on my own problems. It sheds a new perspective on things. It helps me think out stuff a lot. Thanks.
from vanagogo :
I really stumbled on your site, thought it was very cool (keep in mind I'm an old man of 41) I'm a NJ artist who if 20 years younger would probally be dressed the same as you. Best of luck to you and your ventures, check out my site, ( ) I think you have the same quriky humor to dig it. if you want to send me a banner to link with drop me a line. If not just enjoy it. I'll revisit your site soon, I'm still trying to absorb what I've seen so far.
from tombxlillie :
the number 23 is very significant to me, so u caught my eye, just thought id leave u a message.
from sensualistic :
yeah hi who's a loser that signed their own notes with this 'oh! I re-read my entry trying to figure out what you meant! oddness that it would disappear though... ' I know I'm cool.
from sensualistic :
who? wha?
from sunshine831 :
:D Well if she wouldn't mind talking, I sure as heck wouldn't :D I was looking for books to read and I went through your favorite authors list in your profile. I got a few books by Dino Buzzati. I can't believe I have never read his stuff before. Absolutely wonderful writing.
from modern-grape :
it looks like ass but it scrolls
from modern-grape :
argh..there used to be free templates all over the place but now people only care about xanga and crap. Anyway, if you know of any unshitty free template sites with image hosting ill change it so you can scroll.
from modern-grape :
no scrolling capabilities? When I look at it there is that bar on the side, but..gee i dunno. do you have explorer?
from girls-suck :
i hear that sister!
from sensualistic :
I freaked cause I thought it was 'you know who' but it was just someone in the area. It's all solved now, I just panicked. Open! :)
from invisibledon :
happy holidays
from coldandgray :
Awesome, I am getting some, thank you. I am glad you responded, because I somehow lost your page before I could add you & I could not figure out how to find you again as I got the spelling of your name all askewey.
from coldandgray :
Cool site. Are those bendy toys on your design for real? I love them.
from tearsofadoll :
hey there! i wanna join the ring. i've been coping up with clinical depression for 3 years since the loss of my dad who wuz da only person dat trully cared 4 me. i must c da doc's face almost every week and yesterday she changed her mind and told me dat muh disease is dat bipolar thingy. i wuz like WTF? i must stay @ home 4 10 days in order not to get hurt psychically or emotionally. even thought i'm anti-drug yesterday a friend of muh mom's asked if i took some extacy or sth. so i seem to be a weirdo, a hyper one. i'm so sad. i've always been the victim. :(
from zerom3ph :
well- if you end up near San Diego or Santa Barbara, drop me a line. i know a grip of very cool(if mildly psychotic) people you should meet.
from sensualistic :
it will end soon. i'm pretty much done with it all anyways. crap about the layout. do you use netscape? i had a template that did that with netscape. i don't know why it does that.
from invisibledon :
Hey! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you for the really cool stuff you sent for my birthday - my daughter likes your store and may be asking me to buy her things from there. Thank you again you are way too cool oh and I think i'll be in NYC with the family over thanksgiving - hope you are doing well.
from sensualistic :
yeah. you know sometimes i look at your situation and think that's what i want (or something close). cause really, even with the moron i never had that much support. you are a lucky girl!
from sensualistic :
you said it chicky. w.e.i.r.d.n.e.s.s!
from amandabean :
damn it all to hell. my cleverness foiled. i KNEW the 'voices carry'. i sang the 'this is scary.' sigh.
from invisibledon :
have a great weekend !!!!
from barbiewhore :
i'm a lil behind the times, but the powder the strippers have might be honey dust or something like that. they sell it at love boutiques etc and i must say it does smell quite delicious. btw, i like your diary and love your layout. interesting people deserve to have diaries. i dunno why boring people choose to keep diaries. i think i do it to relieve a bit of ironic...
from mimi05131628 :
I am a girl from Hong Kong. Are you a boy or a girl? What country are you from?
from gomeny :
I don't know what layout to use.
from invisibledon :
audio files I no have an mp3 player :(
from tom-seb-jak :
i said.. STAT! and then you were all.. pardon?
from tom-seb-jak :
from exhorter :
all righty?
from exhorter :
hope you're feeling better, realized that ppl have added you as a fave after me, so i'm the keeper of secrets ;-)
from technibeetle :
insurance companies suck :( be careful with nationwide too... i paid late *once* by accident in the entire 8 years or so i had them, when they sent me the "hey you know you missed your payment" notice, i immediately sent it, priority mail with delivery confirmation... and i even called to let them know it was an oversight... the payment wasd there within two days but would you believe that they cancelled my policy anyway, kept money for the renewal and pro-rated the policy for the supposed ten days it took to get a cancellation notice out to me... :( then, about a year ago they sent me a letter asking me to come back to nationwide, "uhm 'scuse me?!" hehe anyway... love your layout :)
from sensualistic :
i know what you mean, that's all i'm hearing from people lol, but it'll come!
from candoor :
followed your banner, hope you feel better.
from the-book-bag :
Hehe, I like your new banner. -Cat
from zerom3ph :
from invisibledon :
I saw this vampire movie the other night and I'm not sure if you've seen this one or not - Habit 1997 and independant film - I think I saw it on the sundance channel - anyway it was a good movie slow moving but good - I think you would like it if you haven't seen it
from the-book-bag :
Hi Amalthea. It's me Cat (PellCa). Since I already joined the always-sick diaryring under my other name (sidhequeen), do you still want me to send you an email about all my health stuff? I can if you want me too. I don't know how entertaining it will be the second time around. Let me know. :-D -Cat
from dragonwench :
what fucking links? they all work fucking fine for me! thanks for dropping by, I'm glad you like my shit.
from jaws5 :
It is Amalthea as in the Last Unicorn, isn't it?
from kikomarie :
Heh. I bought lipfinity in the first place because of YOU. Remember hunting for it before meeting me3? I read that and thought, "well, if it's good enough for amalthea, it must be worth trying." So I did. Thanks for the color advice.
from invisibledon :
hope your mom is doing ok
from invisibledon :
Too cool about the bagel guy - is he like that in real life?
from invisibledon :
yeah i did I like the other movie I watched too Before Sunrise - how are things with you?
from rotten-rose :
oh, ICP fan? Well, thats who it looked like on your banner anyways. My boyfriend worships them and so does my best friend. Guggilos or however you spell it. You're layout is lovely, it makes me happy staring at it. I hope you had happy holidays...yep. i'll leave you alone now ♥
from sunshine831 :
I wanted to wish you a happy holiday and what not, so Happy Holidays! :D
from mainsqueeze :
Vinyl stockings! I so need one. You should think about selling those bad boys, miss. Happy holidays!
from invisibledon :
Happy Holidays -2003
from safelegy :
Scott Felegy is looking to contact you, please do so at [email protected] or call 305-923-9179
from evolver :
Yes! The Tall Guy is hilarious! Definitely a fan. :)
from sunshine831 :
I am living in East Meadow. I work at the Starbucks at Broadway Mall in Hicksville. I would totally up to meeting up.
from sunshine831 :
Thank you! Feels good to be writing again. Surprisingly living on Long Island hasn't turned out half as bad as I thought it was going to be. I will be catching up on entries soon. I am sure I will have lots of good reading ahead of me.
from invisibledon :
Happy Halloween 03
from strippedraw :
i've been real quiet lately but i'm still reading and still around, just saying hi!
from everoboto :
I just came across your page from one of your banners, so I thought I'd say "hi". I see you like Stephen King. I just wrote something about how S.K. got slammed by Harold Bloom in the L.A. Times. Also, I nice picture of you and Jill Sobule. I usually see her at this x-mas show in NYC every year that she's in. Oh well, you like a lot of other cool stuff too. I dig your site. I'll be back. \m/
from shadow-box :
why don't you ppl ever get guestbooks? So if you're some useless animal, you'd like me to run you over and leave you for dead? Fuck you. Animals are animals. I hate bees, but I still try to avoid killing them. Mosquitoes get killed cause they're slow and hungry, they make willing targets. But I doubt that raccoon inbedded in your precious tires has some babbies that might starve if you don't help it out, you cold heartless bitch!
from zerom3ph :
actually, ecstacy, like all things, is really not that harmful so long as you do it in moderation(once a month maximum), drink plenty of water and gatorade(salt and electrolytes help hydrate as water just doesn't cut it), and most importantly- a 'tard guard(sober babysitter) to keep you out of trouble and moderate your liquid intake. take care of those things, making sure to keep tabs on the exact ingredients and source of the pill, and you'll be partying reasonably safe.
from zerom3ph :
feel better hun...
from invisibledon :
Have a great holiday weekend 8/29/03
from strippedraw :
is it me or have you been locked up for a few days? hope everything is all right xoxo
from el-guapo :
i have questions about aquariums and fishies.
from bluedatura :
hi, I stop by your diary a lot. I hope you suceed at this! Fuck others, dont let their negativity get to you! Oh yea I hate the dentist 2! I went today I need to pull 4 teeth. Anyways take care
from roserapturer :
Hey now. i really think the toys will work out. They're too much genius not to. And i'd be sad if see gave up becuase even though i don't know you guys personally or even talk to you online i completely think of you two as the awesome-kickass-toy King and Queen. You guys should get matching crowns or something. *much huggles*
from alwayslolita :
yeah i read that in a book. a long time ago like when i was in the 5th grade. i can't remember the name of the book tho. sometimes i catch myself saying it in my head
from strippedraw :
hey that's cool with the reviewing, i kinda figured cause you didn't know her, but she's way too busy and i'm bored again so she asked if i knew anyone to take it over, said i when she gives me back all the passwords i'll let you know, and this time it'll be more than two reviewers ;) and besides, these guys are way too nice with reviews, we need some nasty honest ones in the mix! *ummm i didn't like you so i gave you 90/100* no way honey, you get a 30/100 you fucking suck!!!! that's what it's been like since you stopped reviewing :)
from bluedatura :
hi..Im just stopping by your page which kicks ass..might I add... I was wondering if that is your real name or you got the name from the character amalthea from the last unicorn? thanks
from zerom3ph :
equilibrium? hrmm......
from raven72d :
What an absolutely delightful diary!
from elvisload :
those pics are so i get you...some... .. . anyhoo...sticking ur link on my page...
from dolly15 :
Hi there, I am a final year student at University of Glasgow and I am currently doing a course called Investigating Cyberspace. As part of our final mark we are required to perform research into one area of the Internet and I have chosen Online diaries. I want to find out how and why people use them, as diarists and readers, as well as questions about their online and real identity. This is where your help is desperately required. I have enclosed a questionnaire of 10 questions and it would be greatly appreciated if you could fill it out (it shouldn�t take more than 15- 20 minutes) and sent it to me by email ([email protected]). Additionally, if you would be willing to be involved in brief correspondence after the questionnaire (through your diary guest book or in the chat room) to discuss further your thoughts of online diaries please let me know, although any correspondence would be Happily welcomed. Thank you for taking the time to read this and (if you continue) for filling out this questionnaire. Your time is greatly appreciated. Best Wishes Kate Kenyon Questionnaire 1. Why did you start your online diary? 2. What motivates you to invest your time in your diary? 3. A diary is generally classified as a personal thing. Why do you choose to express these thoughts to an audience on the Internet? 4. Are you always aware of your audience when you write your entries? 5. Who is your audience? 6. What does the design of your diary say about you? 7. The Internet is regarded as a place where you can be anyone you want to be. Do you think that you use your online diary to express and portray yourself in ways that are not possible in real life? 8. Do you take any measures to protect the confidentiality of the people that you write about in your diary? 9. What do you think about private on-line diaries? 10. What interests you in other online diaries? 11. Do you correspond with any other online diarists? Do you think that you are part of an online diary community? 12. Do you use any support services offered to you by Diaryland? Nope. Any other comments.
from wicked-sezzy :
dude, if drunken good times and great friends and fun lays is an ugly lifestyle then I don't want a pretty one!
from flyinby :
interesting layout. what are those things? i'll have to come back and visit again i think...
from msthangkp :
Not a re-review or anything but if you get the time let me know what yu think of the new layout. Thanks for the great review.
from zerom3ph :
and yes, everybody is jsut that fragile. take it from me.
from zerom3ph :
this is d-land. it's kinda what we're here for, so no worries :)
from plaguegirl :
Happy Monday to you, too! XO.
from luckyrachel :
So, you're the one who's been "bombing" people
from kikomarie :
I get that bullshit too, from everyone. My entire family has asked, even my professors, have felt the need to ask when Mike and I are getting married. I'm 26, he's 27, we've dated for two years, lived together eight months, and known each other for five years. But we're not married, so people wonder why we haven't connected the dots and made a wedding picture. I say to those I love, "We have reasons specific to our relationship. If we decide to marry, you'll receive an invitation." For everyone else, I fall back on Miss Manners and say "Why do you ask?" Because really, I'd like to know. If they have a solid rationale for being rude, that's cool. I'd like to adopt it, because being rude to nosy jackasses is easier than being polite. Grin.--Nik
from secretlife74 :
hey i like your layout. well thats all i gotta say, you look cute. oh yeah and i love jill sobule too. -jill
from plaguegirl :
Thanks for leaving the link to that article in my comments. I feel safer already knowing that women's health may be placed in the hands of a fundamentalist Christian. Hallelujah!
from ravieslave :
I believe it's pronounced "Paul-Uh-Nuck", stressed emphasis on first syllable. The line 'stretch your tongue toward salvation' gets me every. single. time.
from guavagrrrl :
from gingerbread- :
I love your pictures of the clowns and shit, their so fucking awesome.
from loser04 :
hey that mustard thing i fixed and now look at it. it has really changed
from tearyeyedme :
Damn, I'm stupid. I just saw the note you left. It probably was a long time ago. Thanks for reading and writing too. I find your diary to be multi-dimensional and fucking amusing.
from chubbychic :
You just sound like such a cool person to hang out with!!
from loser04 :
hey that mustard thing is supposed to be a picture but it didnt quite qork and so im still working on it and now i changed it to black and green...well if u want to u can keep reading mine, I didnt think anybody read my diary but its kool. hit me back sometime.
from eggstone2000 :
thanks for the kind wrrrds, dear.
from mysticmom :
thanks for the note.I'll keep that in mind when it's needed. til then, have a nice day.
from punkalistic :
Check out Kitty Rash Designs for really cool layouts for your diary! :)
from laudien :
Thanks for leaving the note ;) Happy giant awful storm day to you as well O:-)
from voldura :
I like you. *grins* I like you a lot. *skips off*
from rubyxmoon :
I agree, Hot Topic is hell, I used to work for them too.
from erz :
Yes, happy v day to you, too!
from invisibledon :
Happy Valentines Day @-'--- ( how are things?)
from calligraphic :
Hmm. I don't know why, but the password is "spritzer." Beware, my diary holds vast amounts of bipolarness, fighting and subsequently getting closer with mostly-gay male best friend, and absolutely no layout. It's a venting place for what I can't say elsewhere. You can delete this note if you don't want anyone to know the password. But thanks for the interest! I really appreciate it!
from yburuby :
i am interested. i will return.
from onlydistance :
Why should you be locked up? No real reason, besides the fact that I had not quite arrived at your actual entry when I was almost on the floor laughing. It takes quite a bit to draw me to that point. Some of your thoughts reminded me of the rhythm guitarist in my band, whose diaryland name is sxejenny. He should probably be locked up when he's tired, unless you want to hear endless one-way discussions about pinata sex.
from divinewright :
Hey, my email is [email protected]
from namelessgirl :
love your layout.
from gimme-mono :
i love american psycho. bret easton ellis is such a great writer. in ninth grade i performed the phil collins monologue in my drama class. WATCH ME GO!!!!!!!! *falls*
from razor-spine :
i am so in love with you. never stop writing in this thing. ;D
from smelly-butt :
hey yo! what up? just wanted to leave a note, saying that i really like your diary. makes me think of stuff that is setting free all the big balls at walmart and that conforting squash noise you get when you hit squirrells with hammers. makes me feel alive....oh! oh! what was i talking about?? oh! yes! the diary! i must say i enjoy the layout and the entries and even your profile. the highlight of my day. ...well...maybe not. but still fun to read. well, i'm done. see ya!
from ilvlansten :
Hey! I just wanted to say that I like your diary because it's just really phat! xoxo
from plaguegirl :
Thanks for your note. I love your writing style. It's so honest, and so cute at the same time.
from clearcadence :
i was intrigued by your ad...5 seconds later, i was intrigued by your diary. :)
from prittypunq :
hey i just found your diary, and i love it! i hope everything keeps working out for you and sse. i've had my current boyfriend for almost 6 months now and i'm the happiest i've ever been. gotta go. oh yea i love the layout.
from candid-revu :
Want your diary reviewed? Try candid-revu for your reviewing pleasure ;) *This isn't spam, we just want everyone to know we're open for business!* (shameless promotion, we know�)
from caerula :
Thanks ... I will get the code up asap. I was glad to see a ring for us immuno-deficient folks.
from shmerr :
ah, no. in that case, i don't. lol, i guess i'm...uh....lucky? to not be able to be on the rings. hehe. i'll appreciate my allergies a lil bit more now!
from shmerr :
Um...I applied for your diary ring and here is my sad tale: I have two cats that I love with all my heart. I'm really allergic to cats. They sleep with me. Guess what I feel like every morning. Along with cat allergies, I have dust-mite and cockroach allergies. Not very shmerr-friendly in a school that is over 75 years old. I have a built-in cold. As soon as fall hits and those leaves start changing BOOM! I'm sick. My mom counts: exactly THREE WEEKS after school starts - every year - I always get sick. Yep, never fails. I'm sick from school about.... twice a month, maybe more and maybe less (if I'm extremely lucky). So, that's my sick tale. I hope you find me sick enough to join your diary ring, lol.
from zerom3ph :
funny. i dated a stitch-me-up-sarah-lookalike for 2 years as well as a girl who was frighteningly similar to the one from sleepy hollow.
from superniguer :
welcome to supernigger
from invisibledon :
Happy New Year to you too
from goldenshovel :
at the bottom of my chasm is a huge pile of soft, chubby nuns.
from heroine-vein :
I like your diary..very much. -heroine-vein and Night-shade-
from videogirl :
you're webblog banner drew me in, that is kool art. I really like it, and on top of that your blog looks pretty kool too, i wanna know if you made those toys as well cause i have never seen anything as kool as that on the shelves dood! And your family really go all out for christmas, its like a grotto in your living room.
from goldenshovel :
every man needs a girl like this one... when she is mad at you she forces you to have sex. No! Don't make me!
from goldenshovel :
i think you need to tell all of us what that "grown-up thought" was
from goldenshovel :
this women does not help me stop thinking about sex.
from nachobizob :
hey i have a question? i see where people have listed what searches return their URL's, but i don't know how to find that out. can you tell me?
from ciaramyst :
OMG! Great lay-out!
from goldenshovel :
I have yahoo at work, just not the messenger, why?
from invisibledon :
Happy Holidays
from goldenshovel :
I don't have AIM at work. (not allowed) I have ICQ at home.
from goldenshovel :
why aren't you normal? a normal person does not have a wish list like you do. but I am not normal either.
from goldenshovel :
I think she has a toy fetish. But that's a good thing.
from goldenshovel :
do you know you aren't normal? it is fun peeking in on your life.
from hottstuff2 :
HeYy your diary is really cute!
from sk1ttles :
I don't think most people have to make cuddling sexual...I mean if you love the person then you can share yourself and that's fine...but not all the time. I dunno! mmm bye bye
from missmacabre :
Those characters on your diary are too cute. What a fun design! Just wanted to let you know. Clicked on through from a banner and enjoyed it very much.
from neangel :
just popped in to say hello. nice site!
from ashbolea :
I'm probably the only one who understands your poll dear.
from whereisanna :
Fireworks out of my ass...thanks! Right now, I'm at the point where I'll try anything. Oh, and while I'm at the Wizard, I'll see if I can get a lung for you, but don't get your hopes up too high. I think I pissed him off. Hugs -Anna
from whereisanna :
Thanks for the hug. I love your diary page. It's so colorful and I love the puppet link. I have a big warm hug for you too, but better watch out. I'm sick with the flu and there is a huge gorilla sitting on my back just waiting to jump up and down again.
from soliloquymj :
You spelled "Memento" wrong.
from shyninstar :
actually my illnesses are both psychical and mental....i am a wreck at life in general... thank you for asking!
from nuniko :
Cute toys! *squeeeeee*
from sponge22bob :
Hi, I got your thank you note. I looked at my answers and saw that that was one of the surveys I filled out when I was kinda tired. Lol, sorry if I sounded rude, i was cranky, and I've filled out around 11 surveys that day before ya, you can imagine. ~sponge22bob~ P.S. that picture on your profile it must be you, and if it is, you look like Nikki McKibbin.
from invisibledon :
Wow your from Hell and i'm from hell on earth the middle ages how very strange
from dearbrittany :
hey, it's right. just try it one more time. i checked it out to make sure that i had it on there and it let me go see it when i typed it in. alrighty? have a good thanksgiving~mare
from tattooholly :
thanks for the nice lil' notey you left me. love your diary. i'm addicted.
from fibrogirl :
Hey girly! Yup, just started my diary. I *do* have another one, though, that I used to keep, and if you promise not to tell, I'll share the password with you and you can read all about my exploits of being a single girl dating rockstars and the like. *hee hee* Now I'm just a sickie with a great boyfriend. It's not a bad life. *grin* If you want the password, just email me! Take care! -K
from mary-poppins :
Yoo have the CUTEST lay out..! lol It's adorable!
from treewillow :
Thank you, it's always nice to read other people's diary entries about the same stuff you write about. It was food for thought lol
from sillynikki :
yo... just W-o-W!!! my goodness.i hope your older than me so this can be an age appropriate idolization. your mad coo.
from fibrogirl :
hey - I just joined your always-sick ring - all you have to do is go to and see why I joined. :) Now I'm off to check out *who* this amalthea23 chick is... :) Later, -K
from invisibledon :
how you doin' today?
from perceptionss :
Thanks for taking the time to take my survey. I hope you are doing well. Nice picture on your profile, even though it's small you look nice:) Take care and stay true to yourself. Booby
from interview-me :
your interview is up. thanks for submitting!
from kittykat25 :
wat do i havta do?? lol, im sick again!!! tummy bug'sniff' it hurts!lol
from interview-me :
get interviewed
from invisibledon :
from melwadel :
I actually live in Farmingdale, but my "peeps" out there ( cheesy am I? ;-) stretch from St. James to Mt. Sinai. I used to commute to PJ from New Hyde Pk., sometimes 2X day! Waaayyy too old for that now!
from melwadel :
Yep! Pt. Jeff, NY. I worked at Theatre Three in the village for 2 1/2 years. Thanks for reading!
from invisibledon :
from invisibledon :
it's just a bar
from invisibledon :
ok I still can't think of the bar's name -- I think it starts with an M -- you are going to have to help me with this one
from invisibledon :
ok now all I have to do is remember the name of the bar
from invisibledon :
ah that would be painful
from invisibledon :
Oh no I wouldn't I wouldn't ask you to do that either that is if you have one
from invisibledon :
thanks for adding me to your fave list -- who is HER that I sign so much
from darcyargue :
thanks fer joining the anti-hot topic ring. :)
from supergrover1 :
Badass. Simply badass. And pretty fucking funny and crude too. Btw there's a site (i forget what the addy is... i'm sure you can search it) where you can create your own red meat cartoons and submit them... then they rank you etc. etc.
from ndslotesse :
You have a nice diary! Keep updating! :) Please check out mine! It's so lonely w/o anyone looking at it! :) LOL, Thx a bunch!
from morticyr :
hey, it's me chris, remember you worked with me? well my computer didn't blow up when i looked at your diary again, but how you doing? i miss you. Well if you want to contact me my AolIm S/N is morticyr666. later
from sakuraanne :
I'm taping the show today while I'm at work! Woo!

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