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from albygocougs :
hurry up and get back! i miss reading your musings.
from albygocougs :
as a 28yr old female who reads your journal regularly (since a week ago), i just wanted to share that i dont like barry mannilow... in fact, he really bugs me. a lot.
from cats-corner :
I just wanted to tell you that I love your banner. Very clever. -cat
from cats-corner :
Will you go out with me? (Hey, you *said* if asked to go out by a female, you usually say, "yes." It was worth a shot). :-D
from soror :
Great photos. :)
from banefulvenus :
from evoen :
Yes, i added you cause i wanted to know how your story pans out - (by friday). A snake hun? I am one too... (1977) "Keep you're chin up Jon!" - NOT! lol
from madbh :
helloo there. i'm intrigued by the fat lady picture and I wholeheartedly apologise for the fact that my sex can be less than nice. however I have been given some really dissmissive ones. "huh??" and a blank face mostly.
from juli-anne :
I clicked on one of your banners and I must admit that I am not hooked! You are an incredibly brilliant writer. Though I don't really know you too well, I'd like to say that I'm sorry for everything you are going through right now. *hugs*
from roklobster :
Hi! Just a drive-by to say howdy and thanks for the comments on my journally goodness. I would have to agree: boycut panties? SO much better than the thong. (Do you remember when 'flip-flops' were called 'thongs'? Or is that just some weird memory from my childhood?) *GRINS* Have a keen one.
from cdghost :
i stumbled across your entries and enjoyed reading your words, all the best..thecdghost
from hcatty :
Aaaaah! Sorry. I didn't have time to read much of your older entries, in fact I haven't gotten much farther than halfway through your 101 Things. You said, "I love God." In my mind that makes someone a Christian. I know it's an awful assumption lol I'm so glad I clicked the banner though! Can't wait to read up, you seem so very interesting :o)
from soul-glimpse :
and you swear you're not gay?
from hamlette2002 :
Sneaky sneaky! One has to be clever to find your notes page. I just surfed in here from myyystic's diary. Your bio page is interesting - some great quotes on there, and I plan to read more!
from lauralgood :
Hey I left you that note so long ago. I guess most people send an email to you. i did this time too, though i had to say how funny the elmo revelation was. A commie indeed. That made me laugh. thanks. oh yes I forgot to say I like the title of your diary. laural
from lauralgood :
Hey that is weird. I thought I left you a note but when i looked it wasn't there. Oh well. So I will leave it again. I was really happy to get your note! you seem really interesting and I look forward to reading you. Damn that other note was better! I wonder where it went...into the universe somewhere I I love Norah Jones too, but I don't hate Squash. Keep smiling and I am looking forward to reading more of you. Where are you going in three and a half weeks? and are you coming back anytime soon? I will be reading. Laural
from lilacgirl :
Hey you! I'm glad to hear from you again. I've missed you! It's weird missing someone you'll never know, but I have. Glad to hear things are going a bit easier. Take care of yourself, okay, kiddo.
from alwaysange :
I'm glad you're back...I look forward to reading about all of your adventures to Germany and beyond.
from batten :
Hi, I'm Jenn and you hurt someone I happen to care about. I consider your behavior and your complete lack of remorse to be one of the hallmarks of a despicable person. I've read your journal and well, as much as you try to portray yourself as a likeable guy, you aren't. I'm usually willing to give people the benefit of the doubt but your actions have pretty much sunk that ship as far as I'm concerned. You should crawl back under whatever rock you came from and try to evolve into something closer to human before you try to defend your actions. Perhaps I shouldn't have flamed you but I take someone hurting my friends very personally and it was the only means of defending her that I had. I won't write to you again.
from batten :
JP, you really are a lousy piece of work. You have the honor and the morals of an alley cat. Just remember, that sooner or later there's a reckoning and you'll have to answer for all your words and actions. I'm glad I'm not in your shoes. You're pathetic.
from btyre :
For the Canadian Forces, the required running is 1.5 miles in in no more than 11:56, and preferably UNDER 10:13. The push-ups and sit-ups aren't quite as harsh: 19 each.
from btyre :
Not only is Toronto like an American city, its also the centre of the universe, especially if you ask Torontonians.
from squirrelx :
Why do I like your diary? Because I like your voice --- the essential nature which comes through in your entries. You don't seem 'average' in the least bit, if by 'average' you mean 'normal' or 'run of the mill'. Seems to me you're a most singular person. Best, Xtine / Squirrel X
from wonderchai :
maybe just sit and cry? it's my best friend. the closest person to me. and he continually lets this guy impact him concerning me... i just need a hug, or an hour of them...
from blackcoral :
my trip is march 8th to the 17th. but i'm going to be skiing outside of quebec city at a wonderful little resort most of the time. have a safe and good trip. (if i think of something else cool, i'll pass it on.)
from blackcoral :
first of all, via rail is the best rail service in the world. (have you ever taken amtrak? well, via is a buncha times better.) (i've been to canada once, and i'm going again on march 8th.) i will tell you this; if you don't listen to me, you will regret your entire trip. TAKE A FUCKING PARKA! canada in march is cold. very cold. like, your nuts will fall off if you don't keep moving cold. yeah. and if you go to quebec city, make sure you see vieux-quebec (old quebec). but the thing that you absolutly must see (and i think you'll like it) is the chateau frontenac. (it's a HUGE old hotel with a green roof.) it's also the most beautiful thing in quebec city. in montreal, there are some great churches and an underground mall. (enter through the queen elizabeth hotel, which is above the train station.) that's just my 2 bits about canada. (oh, and change some money before you go!)
from btyre :
I'm planning on joining the Canadian infantry reserve, and we have to run 2.4km (roughly 1.5 miles) in 12 minutes; they recommend we be able to run 5km to ensure we pass the test! I haven't run in 5 years! (At least its only 19 push-ups and 19 st-ups).
from pinkpajamas :
Pack your bags!
from wonderchai :
jennifer: welsh, meaning: white wave, white spirit, white cheeked...
from wonderchai :
*also a recovering workaholic* ;)
from wonderchai :
fruitylicious! someone else likes chai! schweet. ;) "i like my coffee like I like my women... in a plastic cup..." -eddie izzard. :D
from roadiepig :
(I tried to post this in your g-book, but it wouldn't let me for some reason...)I get those damn �Love your website� entries with an address linking me to some porn webs site, too. I just delete them as soon I see them. Hard to believe that somebody actually thinks they will get positive web traffic by posting fake entries in guestbooks�.Oh, and on my g-book entries- They run in cycles-sometimes I go days without any, then I write something that spurs people to comment. I don�t know why, but that seems to be how my book goes, anyway�One more thing-if you have brown recluse spiders crawling over your body inside your house, it might be time to consider whether the benefits the �good� house spiders provide make up for the possibility of getting paralysis form the �bad� ones ;)
from fruitykisses :
hate that i missed you. my cell phone died on you when you called. i'll get in touch w/you on your way back north. ::hugs:: happy holiday season.
from fruitykisses :
hey jon-paul. i leave msms for home on wednesday... most likley early in the morning. if you go through jackson round lunch time-ish, and if i'm there, then call me or something. we'll do lunch--try and bridge the gap b/t your msms time and mine. *winks* but i'm not gunna give you my number on this note thing. if you get online between now and the time that you go, i'll hand it over to you. Sara
from chadmuska :
your diary makes me think of work. our computer guy is named JP too. he fixes my computer often. i think it's good to be average.
from allinflames :
Osama's Mediterranean dining? Are you taking the bastard's side? JK :-P How was the cooking show, I'm an idiot, and I missed it... Im really really sorry :( don't kill me please. Oh and why aren't I on your friends list huh huh?? :-P jk, i know my diary is boring. guess i'll talk to ya later
from allinflames :
Osama's Mediterranean dining? Are you taking the bastard's side? JK :-P How was the cooking show, I'm an idiot, and I missed it... Im really really sorry :( don't kill me please. Oh and why aren't I on your friends list huh huh?? :-P jk, i know my diary is boring. guess i'll talk to ya later
from babyoverlap :
Hey well turns out, we arent living where i thought that we were....bummer...we got a new place off of paris rd. (brown station) and then like left on Alpine. its pretty easy to get to downtown from there :)
from bones81 :
What is that picture of in the doorway.gif? It's very scary. Have any more neat things like that?!
from babyoverlap :
Well, i finally found a place to live in columbia, woo hoo, TOOK FOREVER! good lord! I was searching a whole day and every apt. at every part of town, was full until may~! pissed me off royally. But then i ventured my way to a place called Broadway Village, which totally seemed like a kick ass place to be ya know? And well they said to me, "you cant live here, we dont allow undergrads" BITCH! lol So I found my way to a place almost especially for undergrads, called Forrest Village. So thats where ill be at. (Green Meadows and Providence)
from babyoverlap :
Hey, I have been in Columbia Missouri for the past week visiting...I am moving to Columbia on around the first of April. What all is there a 17 year old girl to do, on a Friday or Saturday night? All I got to experience was Jimmy John's.... But I must say it was quite delish~! :)
from ledbeatle :
boy, I sure do like chai. I keep meaning to read that Spong book, too. Tom Petty? isn't my favoritest, but I sure do like that Alice in Wonderland-y video for 'Don't Come Around here no more'. speaking of I have come here, said Hi, & that is all I can think of to do. I will go. Bye!

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