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from devilsdealer :
Thanks for adding me to your favorites, RosyG! I'll be sure to be watching to see what you're up to, as I love watching the process of fleshing out characters and their universes. Leave a note or email sometime and let me know what got you to my little corner of d*land!
from and-um :
i've given in, and bought your book off and, um... i'm really excited to get it... and, um... yeah, well, that's it. i'm super excited to get to read the whole thing through... all at once... and i'll be looking forward to kelsey's story...
from sadangel14 :
such a wonderful story!! now can we get some more talk about suspence lol :) you're a wonderful write so keep writing sweetheart
from and-um :
do we get any more? pleeeeaase?
from lonely-grl :
whoa, that's so awesome you're the author. yeah, i really enjoyed the book. :)
from mortalveins :
Hiya. I added you to my favourites; however it as my diary is locked, i feel it is only fair to offer my password if I am reading your book. If you do want it. note me. If not, thats cool too
from curly-fries :
thanks for adding me to your list of favorites! you're the first person to put me down. you are an amazing writer and literally check back everyday to see when you add another part to a story. i love reading them and they are totally original ideas! keep up it up!
from want-reasons :
i'll add you to my lock list if you send me your email etc.mine is [email protected]
from cutie1083 :
Happy Holidays!
from glamness :
Merry Christmas to all the gorgeous people on my buddy list! ^.^ <3 -Jakie xOx
from preciousgift :
Just wanted to say THANKS! for the CD and I'm totally going to buy your book and add you to my favorites. :)
from cutie1083 :
Thanks for adding me to your favorites:)
from sunnflower :
Thanks for adding Suburban Island to your list of favorites - I'm very honored!
from dalyrical1 :
ah well...if i had been able to see this page, i would have known it was just a novel!! i feel a bit stupid!! anyway, i'll be back to keep up on whats going on...and like i said...great writing! can't wait to read more of it!
from mogui :
you went to kendall in 8th grade??.. what city was that??.. it sounds all to familiar.
from radioflyer- :
Hey, I finally checked out the book and I'm about halfway through! Whoo! I didn't think I would like it when I read the summary, but now that I've gotten into it I really like it quite a bit. Thanks for leaving me another note. That's crazy that they had you read that. It doesn't sound like much.
from frozen-geek :
thats really crazy about cj...becuase you talk about him being a hippie or what not... and how he calls you a fiend... and it sounds exactly like the guy im with right now... it kinda scares me... cept my hippie calls me a fiend cuz i probaly am a nympho when it comes to him... but he says it jokingly... your a great entries are usualy scrambled.. so i'll be checking your page all the time.. just cuz you sound sooo much like me...which is eery
from light-orange :
wow. you made me hate CJ. that was awesome. i love when i find writing that can manipulate my feelings. i'll get around to reading your other entries someday.
from reeks :
you're amazing... you've given me the incentive to finish writing my book.
from devilscarpet :
Yes, I do do that. I'll be sure to check out the excerpt. I intend to read your journal, too, but I have a hard time finding time. I'll get around to it, and give DECENT notes, then.:P
from radioflyer- :
Wow, you've met quite a few new people. :) It's been such a long time. You're going to be dissapointed in me I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet or to even get to the library for that matter. I've been so busy, but this is the last week of band so hopefully I can get there next week. I'm just such a lazy bum sometimes. :) Im glad you liked my entries and that I'm making someone laugh. That's sort of what I'm going for. Usually. Talk to you later.
from devilscarpet :
I'm very flattered. What is the book called? I'll hunt it down. And it's not in the slightest way audacious.
from glamness :
Thankyou for adding me,you sweet,sweet thing! ^.~ *Glitter Kisses* Thankyou for your help..Keep in touch I'll need you <3 ~Jakie x
from glamness :
I'll try dahhling. Not always easy unfortunately. There will always be too many pretty bois and too much vodka around for Jakie. J x <3
from glamness :
Of course its not motherly dahhling *pout* only..what do you want me to be careful about? ^.~
from cutething :
it' s nice to see someone using the online diary medium for something more creative, and at the same time, typically ' diary- ish' ( if you get my meaning) . i will, most definitely, check back.
from radioflyer- :
If you need help with diaryland stuff I could try to help or something. I probably wouldn't help much, but I could try. I'll stop by my library and look for the book as soon as I get a chance to drive over there. I don't have a lot of time in the fall so it could be a while. Oh about the diary you may want to add a link to your notes so it is easier to contact you. When you put out the CD let me know and I will check it out. The Limited Too article did sound a little ridiculous. It's a little scary what people come up with sometimes. When I was younger I liked to read books by Bruce Coville, Rhoald Dahl, Louis Sachar and Beverly Cleary. That was between 1st grade until now I guess. :) I read everything. R.L. Stine was always great too. Have you ever read Neverwhere? That is one of my favorite books. All I ever talk about it books, but not many of my friends really like to read. Gotta go.
from radioflyer- :
Hey thanks for writing back. If you'd like to call me Megan that is fine with me. As a matter of fact I think I'd prefer it. :) I'm glad you like my diary. Like they say write what you know. Well, I just got back from band and I am tired. So, keep in touch. Oh yeah do you think your book will be in my library? I hope so.
from radioflyer- :
Hey. That is sad that your school library can't be open like it ought to be. When I was younger I used to think the school library was so awesome! Now, my high school library is pretty much run down. No one gets excited about going there. Plus, they have all these stupid rules about when we are allowed in there and all of that. Unlike the schools where you are the librarian can work the whole day. We actually have two. The public libraries are okay. I do get excited about going there as corny as that is. Unfortunately they recently had to cut back on hours so they aren't open much at all. It's really sad. People ought to respect books more. I was out in San Francisco this summer. It was so nice. Too busy for me to live in though. I'll stick with Ohio I suppose. :) I think it's great that you wrote a book. I'll have to go check it out at the library. Hopefully they will have it. I always wanted to write a book. I just haven't found what it is I want to write about yet. Well, I've gone on forever so I will go. -Megan
from wizmo :
Hey, it works! I'll get you some images to upload ASAP. I too signed up. I've always meant to have a blog, but I never got around to it until now. Fun! -Susan
from rosyg :

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