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from canoegirl :
Feeling sick sucks but "having a technicolor snake" (to quote Terry Pratchett) sucks most. Feel better.
from joshuatree- :
Just an idea - we got our kicka$$ rings from Spence and they're REALLY pretty. We bought white gold, no diamond rings. Yay only 7 months to go! Congrats!
from canoegirl :
...and speaking of which, you promised me the next installment of last year's NaNovel. My gmail accound is ready and waiting and my midterm studying is ready to be ingored. Hint. Prod. Hint.
from princessgwyn :
yay knitting! do you know how much I am longing for it to get cold so that I can wear my scarf and my toque again with regularity?? and I hate the cold. so that just goes to show how excited I was to get knit gifts. but you probably knew that already.
from misstress :
Hi, I've been thinking of having the surgery for a while now (I'm a 36F) but I'm scared that I won't feel like the same person. Thanks for sharing your story. If you don't mind me asking, how many sizes did you go down?
from abittergirl :
I had a BR last summer. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. Congrats on the new boobs.
from canoegirl :
This job ends? Boo. I thought you got to stay there. The library is losing a fantastic person. Boo.
from canoegirl :
Hi! I was reading through your old entries and I realized something. I miss you and I miss reading what you write. You have been terribly absent from the journal world since Christmas and I was lonely without you. Where have you been writing instead? Do I ever get to read your NaNoWriMo novel? Love, Lonely Canoegirl
from drahmaqueen :
Congrats! I kept meaning to send you a note. I sent you an e-mail a few weeks ago...inspired. Thanks for giving me the gumtion to start this diary. It is helpful. It is fantastic that you have your degree. If wishes were of my regrets, not going to college. I will live through you. :)
from obsidian-ink :
Hiya. I enjoyed briefly looking through your diary, after linking to it while reading the diary of "nomeansno", who I also think is pretty cool. I'm Canadian, so I took interest in the name.... Anyway, not much more to say at the moment. Beauty on.
from lizardspace :
Hello there! I notice you actually have a *working* link back to 3WA, which is more than I can say for my own. How'd you do that? I'm 93% html-impaired, so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
from in-my-life :
Hi SJ! Thanks for finding me via 3WA. We have to stick together, you know? I can design a simple layout for you if you'd like. It'll be really easy.
from splorch :
SJ, I can do a potty training entry *just for you*. Heh. Maybe in the TMI thread. Anyway, you're a sweetheart and your note thrilled me to pieces. (And I loved the "magic money" story, too.)

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