Canoe Girl's Reflections

Loves: cheese, chocolate, cheese, my Volvo, cheese, Bear, and cheese (mmmm...havarti...)

Hates: Pineapple (demondeathfruit), wet socks

Hobbies: camping, canoeing, singing, reading, photography, hockey, dance (Irish Step and Salsa), organizing (yes, this can be a hobby)

Allergies: everything (I think I might even be allergic to myself!)

My favorite diaries:

sarahjanet profile - diary
comments: She got me hooked!
princessgwyn profile - diary
comments: Better at this than she thinks she is. Plus I love the layout.
xeryfyn profile - diary
comments: Mama of the biggest (one year old) flirt in the world!
weathergeek profile - diary
comments: An old friend who moved away.
dancingbrave profile - diary
comments: I laughed so hard at the entry about 'Man with Boobs &Penis' that I almost stopped breathing!
drafrica profile - diary
comments: Yay! I got someone else hooked! Now both of us can work on Bear! This woman is amazing.
methos77 profile - diary
comments: Haha! I got Bear hooked too!
plaiddevil profile - diary
comments: Bear and Rider's seeester who lives in the fabled land of "warmer-than-here"! She's new to diaryland writing so be nice to her or I'll make her brother beat you up!
y2jago profile - diary
comments: Total sweetheart with hilarious rants.
horsegeek profile - diary
comments: Rider. I love that I'm getting to know her better.
joshuatree- profile - diary
comments: Another December baby who knows what it's like.
serenaville profile - diary
comments: Simply a lovely individual with a spectacularly creative sense of humor. I'm enjoying getting to know my new online 'friend'.
smartypants profile - diary
comments: Had me gasping, laughing out work...
chnanners profile - diary
comments: Give a warm welcome to my dear friend. She's new at this and I hope she'll stay!
packsawallop profile - diary
comments: Sooo, sooo entertaining. But sometime gross too (you are forewarned, she doesn't pull her punches).
mountjana profile - diary
comments: I'm so excited she's started doing this. We're moderately terrible at emailing so it's nice to have this other way to keep in touch. Plus she's super-fun!
i-girl profile - diary
comments: A favorite that I've been meaning to add for ages. She is. Invincible, I mean.
awfulchipper profile - diary
comments: New one I'm reading and enjoying.

My favorite music:

The Waifs
comments: Australian folk with great harmonies.
comments: Thundergod. Plays the drums with duct taped hands. So cool. Let's try to bring them to visit Canada again.
comments: I can't help it, they're just too good.
Sarah McLachlan
comments: New CD soon...right on!
Big Sugar
comments: They make me want to "Smoke 100 Cigarettes", and I'm an asthmatic non-smoker!

My favorite movies:

When Harry Met Sally
comments: Makes me laugh and want to fall in love again every time I watch it.
Finding Nemo
comments: Laughed so hard I dislocated a rib! Literally!
Pirates of the Carribean
comments: WOW!!! Johnny Dep's facial expressions kill me!
comments: Who knew that Catherine Zeta-Jones could sing?
comments: I laugh every time! "Eat me! " "Do you think he's compensating for something?"

My favorite authors:

Robert Jordan
comments: I could read these books forever. I've read them a million times and never gotten sick of them.
David Eddings
comments: Lighthearted fantasy that pokes fun at itself.
Barbara Kingsolver
comments: The Poisonwood Bible captured me and Prodigal Summer made me never want to escape.
Jennifer Weiner
comments: Every larger than ideal person, and everyone who loves one, must read this.
Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman
comments: Deathgate cycle. Need I say more?

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