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from movingsands :
I can see your notes... About a year ago or so, they moved servers and the whole site went screwy. It eventually came back up, but I know some ppl lost stuff. Some links don't work anymore. It's a bit of a ghost site(that we still love)
from jaysthoughts :
Glad I quit the sauce. I wouldn't be with a drinker. You have to get yourself straight before you're ready to give yourself to someone else, because you're both supposed to make each other better off for the arrangement, better because of each other. I want who I end up with to get my best.
from xontopright :
hi. my name is brian and i just opened a diaryland account. xontopright. would u visit my site? ty. brian
from emaciana :
i admire your courage. the courage not to feel bad everyday... it's so much easier to wallow... but you can do it. you can get out of the rut.
from momma-at-17 :
I forgot to answer your question. Presently Taylor's father is not around nor does he help. However I do live with my parents and they help me out a lot.
from momma-at-17 :
Aww, Taylor slept through the night pretty early too. It's actually really nice. I think that it helps with the patience level that you've got at the end of the day. Anywho, I'm looking forward to the pictures! I bet she's a cutie, after all her name is Sarah. Lol. Take care hun!
from silentspice :
Oops I meant to write the message below to Momma_at_17 but ended up writing to myself...what a DUMBASS am I?!
from silentspice :
I just noticed you left me a that ur name is Sarah too! I love your pics of Taylor he is sooo cute!! One the father around to help u out? If not I hope you at least have help from your family. I dont have a computer & scanner so i just go to the library & they have a scanner there but it doesnt work. When it does though...if its not too expensive I will upload TONS of pics of her! :)
from momma-at-17 :
How sweet! My names Sarah! lol. Do you have any pictures yet?
from missy-17 :
hey, i loved your profile, (well i love reading it) from what the things i have read, im asumming your a very cool person!!!! i myself am an avril lavinge fan!!!!! i think my favorite one of her songs, is "damn cold night"!!! ;D
from silverbiker :
hehe how are you sweets?!!?
from silverbiker :
hey just thought i'd check in with ya because i haven't heard from ya in a while..but it seems like things aren't going ok! HUN I am Worried about you!! :(..are u okaY?? are u going to be okaY!?!? ahhhh!!!!!!!!!! i'm panicking here!..take care of urself..please?..
from blueeyes76 :
Hi you ! You've been raped ? rape drug ! oh no ! I'm so sorry and angry at this guy ! How could he ? He's a fucking bullshit... I hope you're ok and that he'll pay for what he did to you ! But be more careful next time (I know it's easy to say that.. it could happen to me too...) ! Hugs and kisses....take care sweet heart! and give us some news !
from rocksbaby :
Harlowz!~ I'm back to flood your notes again! Heheh... Just wanted to let you know that schooling life should be treasured while you can. Trust me, when you're in the adult world, you'll wish you can sink back to when innocence is everything :) Take care! ~Wats
from rocksbaby :
Hey babe! I'm sure that if everyone says you're attractive and slim, then it must be true. They can't all be lying, can they? Anyways, I hope you'll pull through aiight? ~Wats
from bowie-firey :
from silverbiker :
Happy Halloween!!
from rocksbaby :
Harlowz!~ I sympathise with what you're going through; I know how crappy such situations can make one feel. Hope you'll get better, yeah? Take carez! ~Wats
from my-oblivion :
awwwww!! thanks i m actually drunk right now but shhh!! i cant sleep etiehr and it s pissing me off. i dont wantn to go to sleep drunk newyas! <3 you!!!
from caged-freed :
saw you were a member of the edsufferer diaryring and thought this new forum at caged-freed might interest you. check it out, if you can, and take care.
from blueeyes76 :
you're not a useless crap !!! stop thinking this....I had and still have some food problems so I understand (or I try to), just to say you must fight against them...even if it's hard....and I know it (sigh..), I'll support you and try to read you even if you can't read me....yes it's in french most of the time, I'm sorry....take care.
from sylviashadow :
Thanks for taking my survey! Visit my webpage at and sign the book!--sylviashadow
from shortnsweet7 :
hey u dont know me and i don't know u but i was just looking through random people's diaries and wow i'm kinda chunky and overweight and sometimes i've actually thought of becoming bulimic or anorexic but fat ole me doesn't really have the will power i want to be skinny but i don't think i have the are very brave hope u get better :)
from toratoratora :
ouch, you fatties are sassy!
from oedalis :
hey silentspice--welcome to the james-lover diaryring. just stopped by to say howdy! please have some form of the ring code up on your main page or rings page within the next 3 days so we can keep the ring running smooth. thanks.
from sharpsecret :
just wanted to say i wote a similar entry about ppl who want to like us.its pathetic u dont just get thin u get tired depressed and suicidal.thank you for writing that.takecare xxhayleyxx
from ic0noclast :
i came across your newest entry and reminded me of some things i've said.. and various others. thought i'd tell you i agree...
from cutencuddly :
If you ever do need ne*thing I will alwayz b there for you ... I juss wish you woulda been der more for me in the past. But no matter what you will alwayz stay in ma heart, and I will always cherish the close friendship we once had... I wish we could be close like this once again, but sumetimes we do not always get what we want in life. Isn't that the truth sweetie? Well hang in der and hopefully someday we can meet up in tha near future. Keep your head up high, luv you lot*z... xoxox
from bitchfight :
Silentspice, I'm with you on that one. =) That bitch has been really getting on my nerves.
from toratoratora :
Maybe if you are such a fat blob you should avoid things like computers where all you do is sit and vegetate. Why do all you computer geeks claim to have mental problems?

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