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from palindromos :
I agree fully about the soup spoons. No one else ever understood. I'm glad I'm not alone on that one.
from hippie4peace :
YES! Alice in Wonderland is super awesome! Hope you have a fantastic day.
from primessa :
You have been tenderly picked... dont worry tho, you are taken care of. ;) Have a great day! xox
from strikeonbox :
from heavenly0ne :
hello. I just wanted to go to all of the quoters diaries. Visit my guestbook or notes page with one of your favorite quotes. I want to do a diary ring showcase in my diary. I want the whole ring to participate, so please submit your entry real soon!
from bloomspeed :
user: jenson psword: simple
from realminto :
hi I just joined your running diaryring. The thing is now I'm in...what do i have to do? Run I suppose.
from strikeonbox :
no longer dial-revenge. did you know that? to shake, to fight, to feel. xo.
from sad-disease :
You and I should get together and go bowling.
from clairelondon :
the picture on my diary is from the movie fight club :) and i'm glad you liked my poem
from thelastdance :
my vote is on 'sense of invincibility'.
from strikeonbox :
you have nice taste.

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