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from xricksxbabyx :
Hey this is pretty cool. i went to a miscellaneous diary and i found someone with the same name..thats hot! - - xericaxblackx - - a.k.a xricksxbabyx
from xricksxbabyx :
Hey this is pretty cool. i went to a miscellaneous diary and i found someone with the same name..thats hot! - - xericaxblack - - a.k.a xricksxbabyx
from seventrain :
Hey I tried to add the "mourning" diary ring link to my page and I put the code in but nothing shows up where I put it. Is there something that's suppposed to show up like with the other rings or ? Just wondering. Thanks.
from prgat14query :
Hey Erica, can I have a password please? XxX
from cindydasilva :
Hey Erica, I left a message at home and got no response please give me a shout tonight, I should be home tonight. Love ya.....
from prgat14query :
Hey there, I havn't been online for a while as my computer has been down so I've only just noticed that you've locked your diary, so I was wondering if I could have a password..? I hope everythings ok, xxx
from ripetomato :
Poor geeky German guy ..
from seven-point5 :
thinksecret...I wish you the best.
from cuntgirl :
according to my d-land site meter, someone got to me from you. Figuring it was one of your rings, I looked through the list, and though I saw nothing I could recognize, I was fascinated by the assortment, and figured I't at least leave you a note saying so....
from ripetomato :
I personally think the Diaryland gold membership is worth it .. you get a decent amount of nice easy image hosting, a free stats counter that occasionally gives better results than other free stat counters (both have their advantages), banner ads if you want them, and you're supporting Diaryland, which needs all the support it can get .. considering all the freeloaders. w00t.
from canuckred :
hey...just stumbled across your diary looking through the canadians diaryring...i read your entry about wanting to go and study in another is the BEST decision you will ever someone who's done it (England, 2002)
from qtfromabove1 :
Im a random chick reading diaries...anyway stumbled on yours and I think all of them should be included or i ask the person what do you mean by that?haha I think i forgot the question...sorry i have an attention!
from thinksecret :
Let's just say, I don't like her and she has a hard time keeping her thongs in her pants where they belong! ;)
from ripetomato :
*widens eyes* .. Erica, what ladies bum cracks have you been looking at?
from thinksecret :

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