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from miedema2002 :
Thanks, you too.
from miedema2002 :
I loved your entry about frogs a few entries back! Frogs are my favourite animals! So cute!! Thanks for the info.
from miedema2002 :
Hi, I found your diary through your banner. I read one entry and I was hooked! Such interesting information about animals and cute pics! :)
from cocksucker69 :
if i want to move to bali and become a balinese one-legged transgendered prostitute who lives up joan rivers skirt and gets my nourishment from discarded condoms then i will!
from mavenhaven :
You should get free comments from Haloscan. Then you won't have to futz around with these notes anymore. It's not that hard to put the code on your template, I promise. Anyway, my critter report is that I am seeing birds of prey these days. One bald eagle near the Ford Pkwy bridge, one baldy up near Duluth, and then this morning, a red-tailed hawk SITTING ON THE GROUND on the side of 35W near the exit by the Quarry. It didn't look hurt, but I've never seen one chilling on the ground. Perhaps it was finishing some feast.
from taipraita :
hey thar! I have a critter report: I saw a HERD of wild deer in Winnipeg. Some of them were laying down all curled up like little rabbits in a bunch. Most were eating whatever they could find in the snow. And I think a couple of them were black. Is that possible?? It was night, so I can't be certain, but a few were definitely darker than the rest. They were beside a major busy road on the outskirts of the city. It's sad, Winnipeg is expanding so fiercly fast that the deer have no where to go. mrrr, poor liddle deers. I get all verklempt just thinking about them and how they must be so confused. This is why I can't watch animal movies - they KILL me and cause much weeping. I wish I could have seen a flying squirrel!
from mavenhaven :
CONGRATULATIONS MAMI! That is great news. If you're moving into R's house (instead of getting a new one together, that is), we will be neighbors. Woohoo!
from mavenhaven :
MY SISTER HIT A DEER TOO! With the whole family in the car. Their wheel got totally jacked up. She said it was like the deer was trying to jump over the car. Henry wanted to get out and see it, but it ran drunkenly away.
from mavenhaven :
Check me out, sending traffic your way! And my god, I love this vole entry, especially the career advice that you provide halfway through. I'm so glad you finally got to see some voles in action. I'm pretty sure I've only ever seen them when they've been captured by a family cat and are beyond help. In fact, I remember my parents' cat placidly sitting on a vole while she contemplated playing with it some more before eating it. Yikes.
from poolagirl :
I found you via mavenhaven. Nice writing! I used to live in St. Paul, so I can relate to the muskrat sightings and stuff. Ahoy from San Diego!
from mavenhaven :
I need to talk to R about some woodland treats, yo. Do you think his truffle-sniffing pig still knows where to find them?
from mavenhaven :
Dude, did you know that "to formicate" means "to crawl like ants"? That's a word I enjoy, esp. since it could easily be confused with "fornicate."
from mavenhaven :
Wendell, I luv your diary. It is so very informative and funny.

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