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from disentranced :
Big Kahuna, I'm sorry. Love, Little Kahuna
from disentranced :
You rock my socks. And your morning breath smells like butt. :D Love you.
from xxcruellaxx :
Hey bitch!
from disentranced :
Darling, I love you. And I'm sorry my moods fluctuate with bipolar intensity and I yell at you because when you're late I think you've had a wreck and when you don't email me I think you're leaving me. But I always love you. I'm just afraid sometimes. P.S. You're kissable and fuckable and lickable and and and...ask me later.
from emperorincxt :
may i have your password?
from transmutate :
i can spell, i swear. just can't seem to type.
from transmutate :
read a foew entries, noticed putshit scrolling at the top. also noted your passion. had the urge to embrace you. out of respect for your strength, i suppose. interesting. thanks for writing.
from beautflgrbge :
hey man. stumbled across your diary, think its great. im also a fan of tool. woo! just wanted to say hey and share my thoughts =). -R
from livin-ur-lie :
you kick major ass. i ♥ you
from analgesia :
I think you're wrong for closing your diary just because you can't get your computer to work, and I hope the other person that left these notes gets really pissed at you and puts a bad entry about you in their diary and you HAVE to read it. Plus,..... I think it's just wrong that now I have to ask you how you feel instead of just reading it.*pout* luv ya, Mandie
from emperorincxt :
Give up all of my plans But who needs them When you mean everything I love the things that we should fear I'm not afraid of being here
from emperorincxt :
and sometimes.. you have to sit in a coffee shop smoking too many cigarettes.. cuz its to cold outside to walk anywhere without freezing to death..
from emperorincxt :
i wondered.. hate to burst your bubble.. but i did wonder where you had gone. yup dland is my life. im not afraid to admit it. Step 1: admit you have a problem. Step 2: stop writting lame ass long notes about it.
from un-leashed :
Cool diary.

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