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from lexthegoon :
thank you. your writings make me feel.
from sixfortunes :
first unknown diary i ever found, still come by every once in a while to see the current insight. gorgeous, crude, dark. black. rain.drops. something tells me i'll always come back here.
from lovething :
Great Taste. Jenn.xo.
from starcrash0 :
i read your diary again... i still really like it.
from atomicskies :
i enjoy your journal. mazzy star is perfect for any moment. natasha
from starcrash0 :
Hey. I live in tucson too. You sound really awesome. I like your idea or the "passion" paper its really beautiful. I go to Howenstine. I be youve never heard of it. I am a junior. My name is Kayce.
from krslover20 :
I'm jealous of your life right now, it includes everything I've been missing!
from krslover20 :
crave yr everything right back. keep providing it to me.
from sxejensxe :
hey YOU doin? :0�
from invisibledon :
cool page -- I was just surfin around and found your page -- invisibledon
from red-scribe :
spooky stars and words like sweet songs.. rock on supastar

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