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i have a history of being pushed around and apologizing for it.

My favorite diaries:

perfectlyok profile - diary
comments: ohh, i wish i was an oscar meyer weiner. (i don't know why, this just seems appropriate.)
asofnow profile - diary
comments: there are some who call me... fluffy?
i-love-straw profile - diary
comments: "hopes aren't ephemeral plants. buoyancy will not drown. breathe against the window and the ice will melt off."
ghostrout profile - diary
comments: Weighing the alternatives of lonely ambiguity or concrete anxiety.
snarkymarky profile - diary
comments: "There is no sorting the wheat from the chaff and we could all stand to have a large, green garden hose to pressurize us down to the sewer."
happyapathee profile - diary
comments: "I am no shoe whore."
elipsis profile - diary
comments: Because "shhh"s and laughs sound the same no matter where you go.
z0tl profile - diary
comments: "if you are a boddhisatva reading this, please don't laugh"
lost-chicken profile - diary
comments: I have gas like it's cool.
evocative profile - diary
comments: more than i ever knew
night-day profile - diary
comments: "ugly truth is more beautiful than pretty lies. don't open your mouth, open your eyes."
myheadspace profile - diary
comments: random, in more ways than one
citizenhum profile - diary
comments: also see http://www.livejournal.com/users/citizenhum/ ('coz it will earn you more respect).
thelawnrobot profile - diary
comments: "Not an observer, but a dark shape myself, surrounded and smote."
nakedprey profile - diary
comments: "it started out innocent enough. just an hour on the internet..no big deal.."
blue-stars- profile - diary
comments: what a cool cat
charmingfool profile - diary
comments: "we are all victims of our own confusing human natures, and i am not excluded from that group."
abrandnew-e profile - diary
comments: hello
justquiet profile - diary
comments: "Perhaps too many things annoy me."
mytheory profile - diary
comments: Didn't I already say that you can't be as cool as me?
takeone profile - diary
comments: "Unfortunately we are made to feel like we can't be too upfront when first meeting someone. So then they are doomed to judge, and i am doomed to disappoint..."
morpuddypond profile - diary
comments: [insert cheezy techno beat here]
annoki profile - diary
comments: " Guys don't cry...I just need to keep reminding myself that. Guys don't cry."
techtor profile - diary
comments: row, row, row your...
soccermom profile - diary
comments: [listed in memoriam - she got me started on this crazy thing]
atwater profile - diary
comments: do not eschew obfuscation
shempdeluxe profile - diary
comments: "We will root you out and get you."
perceptions profile - diary
comments: "i want you to read this sentence."
weatethesea profile - diary
comments: Wells that suddenly understand the breaking vastness of the sea.
i-am-nice profile - diary
comments: The obvious clash of textures.

My favorite music:

comments: These are mostly just bands/authors/movies that I've been exposed to lately, and like. I'm not much of one for favorites.
comments: i've got a bone to pick, and a few to break [okay, this one actually is a big favorite]
sonic youth
comments: twister, dustbuster, hospital bed - i'll see you on the highway
mc frontalot
comments: someday i'll be both revered and passe, like madonna
comments: late in the night, when the feeling hits you right

My favorite movies:

"we could kill everyone!"
comments: i'm strangely comfortable with it.
"i am an island. i'm bloody ibiza!"
comments: shake ya mmm, watch y'self.
"not on rex manning day!"
comments: damn the man! save the empire!
"the bag!"
comments: so... what's in the bag?
the fifth element
comments: "mool-tee-pass"

My favorite authors:

comments: If you would know the pine, go to the pine.
douglas adams
comments: Fifty-four is the story of my life.
terry pratchett
comments: The hedgehog cannot be buggered at all.
comments: come, let us play together, little sparrow without a mother
stanislaw lem
comments: Anyone who says that the skin of a fruit can have more effect on a person's future than all the planets and stars combined won't be listened to.

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