Live in suburbs of big city. Like music (alot). Know computers, fixing things; anything about science is interesting. I love knowing that most things remain to be discovered.

My favorite diaries:

sistercookie profile - diary
comments: Excellent artist, drawn to her work. Emotional abstract subjects.
natedogg profile - diary
dorknoodle profile - diary
comments: Plugged into life to overload. No excuses, ever. Talented writer and artist.

My favorite music:

comments: Not greatest lately, but great understanding of simple chords, simple rock. (1) Back in Black
The Pixies
comments: The Pixies inspired a generation of major bands. Frank Black now since the Pixies are disbanded. (2) Teenager of the Year
comments: I sing along to this all the time. FUN music. (3) Prolonging the Magic
comments: Hard to classify - heavy punk to ballad rock (4) Free All Angels - only reasonably new one on list
comments: Heavy with sometimes smooth vocals. Play loud. (5) Title of Record

My favorite movies:

comments: First, best Kevin Smith movie. Irreverant is key phrase here. Low budget, incredible script writing.
The Road Warrior
comments: Dark adventure, anti-hero; breakdown of society, musclecars, quest for a new life
Better off Dead
comments: Really, any John Cusack movie, dark humor, anti-hero; musclecars, quest for a new life minus breakdown in society
comments: Dark adventure, anti-hero; breakdown of society, quest for a new life minus musclecars
The Man Who Knew Too Little
comments: NOT Dark, unlikely hero; triumph through sheer luck, no musclecars but a great Mini Cooper chase

My favorite authors:

Douglas Adams
comments: Most humorous writer, science fiction or otherwise. Enjoyable read. (1) Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Ok so he's dead. Better than ever, other than the dead part sucks.
Robert Heinlein
comments: Engrossing science fiction. Strange? writing style. (2) Job
Bill Watterson
comments: Anyone going to bitch about Calvin and Hobbes cartoons not being a "real" book? eh? (3) Indispensable
William R. Corliss
comments: Anomalistics - outstanding science quandries (4) Science Frontiers - Some Anomalies and Curiosities of Nature
Mathias Prideaux
comments: History from old perspective (5) An Eafy and Compendious Inrtodvction (sic) For Reading all forts of Histories (1682 Oxford)

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