..stories i tell..

..do something pretty while you can..

- belle & sebastian

My favorite diaries:

andy-chan profile - diary
comments: A blue-haired freak, but you've got to adore her. Um. Somehow or other.
cubiclegirl profile - diary
comments: The Cube. I think that most of you know by now.
sweetker profile - diary
comments: love her. I do.
diffuse profile - diary
comments: My 'sis'. Passionate, eloquent, and honest. I love her, of course, so maybe I'm biased, but I think you'll like her, too.
diving profile - diary
comments: My free-writing experiment.
futurebird profile - diary
comments: Glimpses that I could never write half so well...
gloamling profile - diary
comments: With a name like gloamling, it has to be good.
kerykes profile - diary
comments: Marvelous. Simply marvelous. In every way.
kuinileti profile - diary
comments: Just starting to read... and so far, I like.
lgamine profile - diary
comments: Funny. Smart. Cool. And truly appreciates Jimmy Fallon. See why I like her?
lunasoul profile - diary
comments: Lovely writing... interesting adventures.
literatim profile - diary
comments: i write. you write. he, she, it writes!
manon profile - diary
comments: She may be obessed with dead Frenchmen, but she's one of the best out there.
seymourglass profile - diary
comments: Liking it. More than a little weirded out by the odd percentage of favorites on his profile that match mine, inculding the ones I didn't mention here.
methybeth profile - diary
comments: Full of life. Eloquent. Loveable.
orangepeeler profile - diary
comments: Lovely prose and poetry and prose-poetry. Stirring.
quiara profile - diary
comments: She shakes me up sometimes. In a really good way.
get-a-grip profile - diary
comments: funny. true. all this & more.
riot718 profile - diary
comments: The Cube's bestest friend, and a great writer in her own right.
kinnarium profile - diary
comments: A terrific read, a kind heart. Nice to look at, too.
rug profile - diary
comments: She's rug. I've always liked her.
smartypants profile - diary
comments: Love those penguins!
wrdnrd profile - diary
comments: My 'twin'. She's more coherent than I am, often, and I love her. (Not just because she's coherent, but.. you know.)
andrew profile - diary
comments: I wasn't going to put Andrew on here, for fear that I would look like a band-wagon-jumper, but then I realized that he makes me laugh too much not to be on the list. So there.
wateryone profile - diary
comments: Just started to read...
crepesoda profile - diary
comments: i like crepesoda. the end.
ygraine profile - diary
comments: Simply a great read -- so open, and with flashes of wisdom
warmtrombone profile - diary
comments: a new diary -- excellent art work, and great writing to boot!
iota profile - diary
comments: smallish. bright. funny. good!
malice profile - diary
carthoris profile - diary
riper profile - diary
squibnocket profile - diary
narcissa profile - diary
krapsnart profile - diary
pyrite profile - diary
bagatelas profile - diary
thiork profile - diary
gidgetg profile - diary
stardwarf profile - diary
splorch profile - diary
chibimako profile - diary
ivoryshell profile - diary

My favorite music:

The Beatles
comments: Obssess much? Me? Never!
They Might Be Giants
comments: You're never too old to like weird rock'n'roll.
comments: Oh yes. Radiohead. ("Polyethelene")
Joe Pernice
comments: a.k.a: Scud Mountain Boys, Pernice Brothers, Chappaquidick Skyline -- super-genius of sorrowful pop-folk ("Shoes & Clothes")
Belle and Sebastian
comments: I'm on a kick with them, lately. Listen to "Too Much Love"

My favorite movies:

comments: If you haven't seen it, what are you doing here? Spend 93 minutes of your life with the greatest film ever made.
The Princess Bride
comments: You can't forget the classics.
The Big Lebowski
comments: This movie makes me laugh. Also, it's beautiful. It makes -bowling- beautiful...
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
comments: Remember what I said about classics?
Fight Club
comments: I am Jack's way-too-engrossing and entertaining film.

My favorite authors:

Peter S. Beagle
comments: Favorite book: I See By My Outfit
Tad Williams
comments: Favorite trilogy: Memory, Sorrow, & Thorn
Ursula K. Le Guin
comments: Favorite universe: The Earthsea Books
John Irving
comments: Owen Meany & Hotel New Hampshire
Robin McKinley
comments: The Hero & the Crown -- my favorite book of all time

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