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I am a Christian, and a Musician, a Writer, and an Artist, An Aviation and Naval Enthusiast. I love to travel, and enjoy meeting and getting to know people. I am a kid at heart. I am an Animal lover and I have a great sense of humor. Most of my postings are photographs on which I have superimposed lyrics to some of my songs as well as jokes and quotes. And I've actually started writing about my daily activities, which should thoroughly disturb everyone (I know they disturb me...) as well as stories from my childhood.

My favorite diaries:

minstrelite profile - diary
comments: Very inspirational
brdwaybebe profile - diary
comments: Wonderfully funny and inspiring
sunnflower profile - diary
comments: Soooo Fine
marinedream profile - diary
comments: Everyone should have such a great kid as her, and she has beautiful diary and it's a lot of fun to read
emz-secrets profile - diary
comments: Awesome diary excellent layout neat girl great writer
starfishchik profile - diary
comments: Excellent reading and beautiful layout
shortstuffs profile - diary
comments: Very Intense poetry
Guderian profile - diary
comments: Hey! Self permotion is the Severest form of flattery
Bushidogirl profile - diary
comments: Thank you! We're all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view, you ridiculous little carnival freak. However, I'm not interested in the views of face-painted, Rodeo clowns with fence-impacted brain damage.
goth-chic13 profile - diary
comments: really fun to read and a nice layout
sroo profile - diary
comments: Supremely Real Person
wherwhenwhy profile - diary
comments: A down to earth honest to goodness person
realityczech profile - diary
comments: My Biblical Study And Reference Pages
missleigh profile - diary
comments: Because her diary rocks! Or, ah, something like that... I just love reading it
veryraven profile - diary
comments: A true poets heart, very very nice
anniebella profile - diary
comments: Excellent diary and she has an adorable pup named spooner
hadassah profile - diary
comments: And up and coming star, check out her music well worth the visit, Awesome Diary with good advice
dolsch profile - diary
comments: A wonderful Down to earth and Heavenly Minded
kookookalee profile - diary
comments: A most excellent fun loving friend with a brilliant mind
mizlizzy profile - diary
comments: A beautiful Diary from a beautiful Person
ladyhannah7 profile - diary
comments: A little cutie pie with a sweet diary and she is the 7 year old adorable daughter of hadassah, KIDS RULE!
sellingcrazy profile - diary
comments: Her Diary is most excellent
nightdragon profile - diary
comments: Reason has a voice and it's name is Nightdragon
Saintjava profile - diary
comments: I laughed I cried and I fell in love with reading all over again great diary
blondegeoprince profile - diary
comments: She's back and we are blessed
Kimdan profile - diary
comments: A Very Awesome Aussie, down to earth

My favorite music:

The Beatles
comments: Legends
Stevie Ray Vaughan
comments: Motivating and Inspiring
Voice of the Beehive
comments: I think I Love You! But..... Don't Call Me, Baby!
Robin Trower
comments: Sweden's Jimi Hebdrix
Diana Krall
comments: What a voice what mood what woman

My favorite movies:

Secondhand Lions
comments: Truely a most excellent movie with a great message
Jesus of Nazareth
comments: My Hero
That Thing You Do
comments: I just love this movie
The Longest Day
comments: Makes me remember what our fathers did to make America Free
comments: I Love Stratigems

My favorite authors:

comments: The Author of Life
Len Deighton
comments: Interesting Fact and fiction writer
John Toland
comments: Exceptional Author, Historically Accurate
Marty Stevenson
comments: upcoming author
Diaryland Members
comments: Great minds are found here

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