Kwesta : Life In Motion - Story of 6 Friends //Breaking Apart// (Come Together)

The 6* friends!!! (Dallas Area, TX)

Neko: Nicole/Cole C. *Gone Solo* (Virgo/Rat)

SolAr: Kristine/Flip'a'cian/Stine D. (Gemini/Ox)

Yaku: Tony P. *Cut Us* (Gemini/Monkey)

Bat N' Rob/Dj I3aT |\| RoB: Robin/Robert/Robbie/Rob/Kyo D. *Gone Solo* (Gemini-Taurus/Animal?)

3rdShadow/Third_Shadow/Nijnsky: Brian T. *The only one actually still writing. (Cancer/Ox)

TheWorld/Orion: Nolan D. *Gone Solo, but doesn't write anymore* (Cancer/Rooster)

--- Add Ons --->

Ashbee/Ashbash: Ashley M. *Busy* (Aquarius/Ox)

SE7EN/6IX: Johnny N. *Cut Us* (Cancer-Leo/Ox)

JJM: Joe Josh Mc. *Guest Writes.

LETI STARR´┐Ż: Alton(Native) G. *Guest Writes.


My favorite diaries:

robified profile - diary
comments: Robin D.'s Diary... Part of the House of Origami, use to blog on Kwesta, but went solo.
ryan8-5cut profile - diary
comments: 3rdShadow, I LOVE the way he wrights! Ugh! Dirty, intersting, and an interesting life. RIP ryan8-5cut's Diary.
miss-edith profile - diary
comments: Ryan8-5cut's friend... Now that he closed his page, and now she has closed... Archives are still alive.
danpaul profile - diary
comments: 3rdShadow&Neko, Found his book at OKLWN, very interesting guy! His book is the reason why there is a Kwesta Diary.
soulepiphany profile - diary
comments: Archived... HAHA halarious chick! I like how she writes short, simple, interesting!
d-rex17 profile - diary
comments: More so archived, he stopped posting, but funny entries! Fun fun! Get to flex my reading skills! *HUAH!*More so archived, he stopped posting, but funny entries! Fun fun! Get to flex my reading skills! *HUAH!*
keeds profile - diary
comments: Oh my god! This guy is soo... Blunt! I love his shit! Halarious guy! Gotta read it!
benzene profile - diary
comments: An Asian, someone refered me to this person as a good RSS read.
whiteplum profile - diary
comments: An Asian that writes more than I.
maladicta profile - diary
comments: A confused girl trying to find love.
nominatim profile - diary
comments: So raw in emotions, fascinating, just quite fascinating.
jerrrrrrrk profile - diary
comments: Rock n' Roll crazied, he is a jerk, but if you read into it more his diary writing tries to prove that he's not.
lasvegasliz profile - diary
comments: From Dallas too, just a good retrospect of a life span.
sassyphoto profile - diary
comments: fun to look at their photos

My favorite music:

DJ SolAr
comments: Future DJ...
DJ Yaku
comments: The DJ scene...
comments: Rap. Tencho and Pop (I'm the teenybopper here)
comments: I have found a new found love for Tribal Remixes and Lounge music
Orion's Star
comments: I like just about anything but American; R&B, Country, Opera, and Classical Xp

My favorite movies:

comments: BatN'Rob, U can't take this, but you know you love it!
comments: SolAr, U know your perverted! U always wonder if other ppl are... BatN'Rob's comp, enough said... Yaku's Asia Karera...
comments: We all like a good laugh!
comments: I guess we all like some of the good ones!
comments: Yaku, Korean & Japanese movies... Nijnsky, Korean drama series... BatN'Rob, Gay themed TV Series... Orion : Dramatic Anime =p)

My favorite authors:

comments: Actually I don't read a lot, yet I post long entries...
Orion's Star
comments: I love Blood and Chocolate very good book
comments: Vampire Chronicles, Gregory Maguire, and many many more.

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