I still wish it was 1989.

My favorite diaries:

cosmicgiggle profile - diary
comments: Oh Jerry, you gotta see the baby
lily-white profile - diary
vaulted profile - diary
comments: stringer, strummer, songstress, hummer
velvet-choke profile - diary
comments: Montreal chic
bombadimente profile - diary
comments: the way we used to laugh was loud and hard
graceland profile - diary
comments: a good, solid read
pompeiii profile - diary
comments: mysterious note leaver
jewlerygirl profile - diary
comments: Used to work with her and SO GLAD I don't work there anymore SHe is cool though
understatmnt profile - diary
comments: we live in the same town
saggymoon profile - diary
comments: mmm I saw her girl parts
hanonly profile - diary
comments: fresh meat
dataguy profile - diary
comments: I really wish he had his comments turned on
maxg profile - diary
comments: because there's been so many times I've wanted to say somethng to him but couldn't
lastboss profile - diary
comments: yay for betterbar!
dietcokegirl profile - diary
comments: make me #72
ohophelia profile - diary
polstreak2 profile - diary
comments: read her
comebacktome profile - diary

My favorite music:

Ani DiFranco
comments: She always gets me through whatever I need getting through
Indigo Girls
comments: oh sweet harmony
Big Head Todd
comments: I'll never get over them. Best band to see live.
Counting Crows
comments: I used to be in love I know I've wasted too much time
Flaming Lips
comments: Brandi Carlile and ummmm The Carpenters, Cat Stevens, Billy Joel, Wilco

My favorite movies:

Harold and Maude
comments: Ameile
Pride and Prejudice
comments: The A&E version
When Harry Met Sally
comments: You've Got Mail
Home for the Holidays
The Big Chill

My favorite authors:

Janet Fitch
comments: Jeanette Winterson
Joyce Carole Oates
Kurt Vonnegut
Beverly Cleary
Ehtan Hawke

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