mari's lame life for those who care

i'm a girl who got transplanted to chicago. let the silliness ensue...

My favorite diaries:

ltetrovsky profile - diary
comments: She's french. She's russian. She's...
lisamcc profile - diary
comments: if i were a cool punk chick, in her thirties, and finished school i'd be like her. it took me 9 hours to read all two years, but it's so very worth it. i love lisa.
jynxed profile - diary
comments: oh he's back he's back, and has been for a little while. this guy is awesome and he makes me happy. i love you mr. x!!!
unclebob profile - diary
comments: who doesn't love uncle bob, what with his amusing insights and changable backgrounds. and his army...ho boy his army is massive.
suckasspoems profile - diary
comments: created by uncle bob...i think....go add your own today.
easynow profile - diary
comments: I just stumbled upon it and I like it.
fuckxthis profile - diary
comments: It's creepy...It's like I wrote the whole thing. But it's not me...

My favorite music:

the cure
comments: i know, i know. but i mostly like the stuff they did pre-1994. the scary part is that robert smith sings about my life. it's creepy and comforting.
jon spencer blues explosion
comments: how can you not appreciate an artist who screams out "ow, sexy monkey," asks you to "take a whiff of [his] pantleg baby," and isn't ashamed to admit he's afraid? it would be a sin not to.
mad mashups
comments: There's something wrong, and yet so right, about mashing up different songs.
"all the best from hawaii"
comments: this series of albums makes me happy and makes me feel fine. i also have a hawaiian shirt fetish, so i guess it's only appropriate.

My favorite movies:

women on the verge of a nervous breakdown
comments: i always watch this after i break up with whichever putz i've been dating. it always makes me feel better. the annoying part of it is that i didn't take spanish in school like everyone else so i get songs stuck in my head and i have no idea wh
the city of lost children
comments: sure, it's french. but if you can't appreciate the story line, at least marvel at the cinematography and the effects.
jackie brown
comments: i'm not a huge tarantino fan, but the story is brilliant. pam grier kicks ass and sticks it to and any movie that has a song from the soundtrack of "vampyros lesbos" can't be all bad.
true stories
comments: this movie was a hand-me-down. other, much cooler people liked it first. but hey, it's funny as hell. and who doesn't get "papa legba" stuck in their head?
i'm gonna git you sucka
comments: an american classic. even i'm friends with junebug.

My favorite authors:

authors? who has time to pick 5?
comments: i've waited 2 months to figure this out. i don't read any one author, so i don't have any favorites. if i had to pick which ones really got to me?
shel silverstein
comments: his poetry can get REALLY bad sometimes, but it's funny. the giving tree makes me cry every time.
jules verne
comments: because nobody else would read his books in school.
wilkie collins
comments: pisses me off. he'd fit right in todays society...the same damn story over and over with changed names.
jennifer heinicke
comments: pre-masters she was on fire. she's on a break right now, but she still writes for her sites. good writers don't quit, they just stop to gather material.

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