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It ain't easy B(log)ing me.

The funny thing is, if my life were a story, I would be a wild horse documentary producer/rocket scientist on a big island. The horses would be angry with my stalking and at some point I would fall, along with my camera and equipment, down into a ravine, with broken legs. The horses would seek vengeance and crap over the edge until I was neck deep in it. Then the smartest horse would gnaw at a large branch of a nearby tree until it splintered and fell directly on top of my head. So, I would be left to think about nothing at all, except the story of my life and what it would look like on stage. Who would play me, my sister, my boss, the upstairs neighbors. The world would come to know and love me, the horse scientist, via the stage production "Neck-deep in horse poo under a big branch at 200' below sea level', The Musical.

But I'm a nurse, not a scientist and my life isn't a story. It's really real. Dig in.

My favorite diaries:

greenlipstik profile - diary
comments: she is my favorite baby daughter and a gifted artist and I love her.
antinormalcy profile - diary
comments: she is my favorite middle child daughter and her many gifts include the ability to drive my blood pressure sky high in 2.3 seconds. And I love her.
sturge profile - diary
comments: sweet pickled and smarter than he wants to let on and I love his heart.
ozmodiar profile - diary
comments: He wants you to blame it all on a case of FULL BLOWN AIDS and I love his use of caps.
tet profile - diary
comments: In spite of myself, I am indeed a tet fan and I love his inaccessability.
jimpowers profile - diary
comments: ozmo's diary. MUCH MUCH MUCH funnier than Porktornado ever will be and I love how he made me pee one time. It's true.
duke61 profile - diary
comments: He's a wise and wonderful soul and I love his style.
b-w-p profile - diary
comments: Writes well and loves his 2 girls.
monkeyrobot profile - diary
comments: Almost too perfect and I love his blues.
babyhead profile - diary
comments: he is the baby Prince of Palabra Jot and I love his forehead kissing spot
p0intlesss profile - diary
comments: shoot that pretty perfectly pointed poison arrow at my heart
nurseouch profile - diary
comments: if we worked together, I would want her to be my friend and i love her glasses.
synonymous profile - diary
comments: she got a punk rock coating, but i love reading about her smooth creamy center.
neptune66 profile - diary
comments: the MOST stellar layout on Dland, and I love the photos
cameraeye profile - diary
comments: take neptune66 and double that. Whalah.

My favorite music:

comments: Rage Against the Machine Peter Cincotti Steely Dan Andre Boccelli
Nickle Creek
comments: Alison Krauss and Union Station The Clash Beck Crystal Method Prodigy
john paul
comments: george ringo

My favorite movies:

Close Encounter
comments: LOTR series Babe series Royal Tannenbaums On The Waterfront
South Pacific
comments: Popeye Tron The Goonies Moonstruck Night Hawks
3000 Miles to Graceland
comments: Milo and Otis Time Bandits Amelie Benny and Joon Fight Club

My favorite authors:

comments: Wally Lamb Garrison Keillor
Margaret Atwood
comments: Dave Barry Laura Hillenbrand Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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