Serial Experiments Lame

"'You gave me hyacinths first a year ago;

'They called me the hyacinth girl.'

-Yet when we came back, late, from the hyacinth garden,

Your arms full, and your hair wet, I could not

Speak, and my eyes failed, I was neither

Living nor dead, and I knew nothing,

Looking into the heart of light, the silence."

�T.S. Eliot, "The Wasteland" (1922)

My favorite diaries:

arthurville profile - diary
comments: er um ah, A.F.K.
rughead profile - diary
comments: Jessie O
conejo profile - diary
comments: The Big Chief of The KV.
furia-vuh profile - diary
comments: Cheer up Sad Panda!
soledad-pura profile - diary
comments: Teresita in search of her Ethan Crane and L.C.T. chaser extraordinaire.
jugular- profile - diary
comments: The Poor Man's Paddington Bear
selfrespect profile - diary
comments: I like Selfrespect's diary. Seems like the kind of person who would listen to Nelly Furtado on a loop
autumn580 profile - diary
comments: Bumble buddy

My favorite music:

The Sundays
comments: The Sundays everyday! Finger snapping, bubble gum chewing, sneaker shuffling pop music. Clever and irresponsibly optimistic, but always tinged with just a spot of melancholy, they are the most celebrated underachievers of British pop.
Aimee Mann
comments: Baby won't you be my heroine?
Tone Damli Aaberge
comments: She is so hot that only China causes more global warming.
Gigliola Cinquetti
comments: Dio come ti amo
J.S. Bach
comments: Bach's piety heals the torment of our faithlessness. (And yeah, I lifted that from Bergman. What are you going to do about it?)

My favorite movies:

Late Spring
comments: Noriko completes every Japanese love story
The Passion of Joan of Arc
comments: The Tragedy of the Saint, you guys
Andrei Rublev
comments: Created behind the Iron Curtain, Soviet era film about an insular artist's conflicting obligations to himself and his undeserving countrymen.
Winter Light
comments: Irrespective of everything, you will hold your communion. It is important to the churchgoer, but even more important to you. We shall have to see if it is important to God. If there is no other god than your hope as such, it is important to that god too
Patlabor 2
comments: Mamoru Oshii transmutes Tokyo into a phantasmagorical landscape of the hyper real. Equal parts Baudrillard's Disneyland and Eliot's "Unreal City," the film is suffused with caustic pessimism but not without a distant faith of renewal.

My favorite authors:

William Faulkner
comments: Declined to accept the end of man
Jane Austen
comments: Stone Cold Jane Austin
William Kennedy
comments: My favorite living author. Through his novels, Kennedy presents to the world an Albany every bit as absorbing and labyrinthine as Joyce's Dublin or Dickens' London. Well, maybe not Joyce's Dublin, but certainly Dickens' London. Yeah
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
comments: Fyodor, the gift of God. Everything that needs to be known about life can be learned from "The Brothers Karamavoz"
James Joyce
comments: Faithful escort through the hell of Modernism

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