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from the-grey-one :
So hey.. it's been a few years.. just wondering if maybe you could pleASE JUST FIX DIARYLAND OHGODWHYHAVEYOUFORSAKENUS WHATDID WE DO you know if you've got some time, whatever
from sexychelle :
Any Chance you can sort out the archive page it is not allowing any pages to be archived thank you
from kseniacole :
Andrew, can you kindly upgrade my diary to the Gold Membership, I sent payment on 1/29. Thank you
from orgami :
Andrew..Been here Forevah! funny because other site I like has an andrew as founding memba too...Just want to say diaryland Rocks...It never crashes....solid!! and I like what I likes!! Keep up yer good works Sir! Thank You! Orgami. Over and out!
from glorycloud :
Andrew when are you going to fix Diaryland? It has been broken since December 2014. Please drop me a note and tell me why it is taking you so long to fix Diaryland-peace
from qwert :
I am concerned about a libel/defamation issue. Where can I submit information?
from the-grey-one :
any way i might be able to stop being invisible on this site? just says "error" anytime i try... it's been a couple months now.
from kseniacole :
Andrew, thank you for setting up my / activating my GOLD membership renewal so quickly, I appreciate it.
from kseniacole :
.. also on Feb 7th there was a $2.00 fee sent to your paypal (to invite new member to join) was to be sent to email alivasilyeva@aol.com but no communication has been sent from diaryland as of 2/18.
from kseniacole :
Hi, I just paid for my GOLD membership (renewal), can you kindly activate it for me, thank you.
from nikkifoofoo :
Also, thank you!
from nikkifoofoo :
Success!! Huzzah!!
from peggypenny :
Andrew, please reset my template to grey. My diary does not work and I do not know how to write html to fix it. Peggy Penny

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