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My favorite diaries:

caligirl    profile - diary
comments:  California
kelsi    profile - diary
comments:  That's how tricky and mysterious I am.
xevilsuziex    profile - diary
blacksheet    profile - diary
comments:  I do have to wonder if they really are girls or if they are mass murderers.
iamjackslie    profile - diary
comments:  And I dont really want people to know THAT!
pan-opticon    profile - diary
comments:  dolphins
bindyree    profile - diary
comments:  Every morning, I fill my cup to the rim with Brin.
blazingstar    profile - diary
comments:  archaic comet
stellarrobot    profile - diary
comments:  Paint the world with my brand of pain and bitter.
beckers-j    profile - diary
comments:  F-train
goddesskiki    profile - diary
comments:  12. Take a motorcycle riding class
killsbury    profile - diary
comments:  My mind is in a weird place, with our thoughts, we make the world.
cybers1ut    profile - diary
comments:  Maybe I could be one of these mysterious writer people...
theflyingrat    profile - diary
comments:  Awesomeness abounds.
clarity25    profile - diary
comments:  Clarity, come back! I miss you and your cool pictures.
piginawig    profile - diary
comments:  It's a shame we don't speak any languages which call for that, really.
claritynew    profile - diary
comments:  (private)
bluemeany    profile - diary
comments:  pina colada
gr8chick    profile - diary
comments:  Hombre crashed my car early Saturday morning.
soupstain    profile - diary
comments:  Do you need a napkin, sir?
annanotbob    profile - diary
comments:  Sometimes life just looks better through a lens:
idiot-milk    profile - diary
comments:  evil hair-spirit exorcism
betchy    profile - diary
comments:  what comes before Part B?
heelandlass    profile - diary
marn    profile - diary
comments:  I love marn.
soapboxdiner    profile - diary
comments:  Or in other words, the mule just takes me to the Greyhound station and drops me off.
coldandgray    profile - diary
comments:  baby tales
sewer-rat    profile - diary
comments:  I see naked old people all the time. And I'm stronger because of it.
speaklouder    profile - diary
comments:  So I drove home wondering what the fuck was wrong with me.
sassymcgee    profile - diary
comments:  What's surprising is that I was able to hold a convo with him and NOT sound like an idiot.
lisamcc    profile - diary
comments:  Sometimes she calls me chickens.
misfitstray    profile - diary
comments:  I like reading about what she cooks on occasion.
candy-dive    profile - diary
omfggwtf    profile - diary
zombieattack    profile - diary
stepfordtart    profile - diary
comments:  For a good time, read Stepfie.
stoner-girl    profile - diary
comments:  Change is good.
kabukicharms    profile - diary
comments:  I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt I was dating this chick I met once at the coffee shop. WE had moved someplace and she always seemed to be in a depressed mood. Not knowing how to help her I did the only thing I could think of. I rubbed her tummy.
absurniverse    profile - diary
catsoul    profile - diary
lostasyou    profile - diary
clammy05    profile - diary
comments:  Do you give out the password to your secret online diary? Only time shall tell!
secret-motel    profile - diary
college-kid    profile - diary
annanotbob2    profile - diary
comments:  She's not Bob, she's Anna!

My favorite music:

comments:  How many times have you felt like a bookcase, sitting in the living room gathering dust, full of thoughts already written? How about now?
comments:  Since we broke up, I'm using lipstick again. I suck my tongue in remembrance of you.
David Bowie
comments:  And I've been dreaming of SLEEP and Ape Men with metal parts.
comments:  Am I gonna see the sun come up, or am i going down? 'Cause every day I'm here all I feel is sheer agony
comments:  But doesn't it make you feel better?

My favorite movies:

Simple Men
comments:  Yeah right, get me some coffee.
the Big Lebowski
comments:  He fixes the cable?
Wild at Heart
comments:  One of these days the sun's gonna come up and burn a hole clean through the planet like a giant electrical x-ray.
comments:  Are you shaved? Fur pie doesn't sell.
Edward Scissorhands
comments:  I'm not finished.

My favorite authors:

Kurt Vonnegut
comments:  Anything he's ever written...
Peter F. Hamilton
comments:  Reality Dysfunction
Ian Kilmister
comments:  White Line Fever

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