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we . write . songs . like . letters .

i'm in love with rock and roll and i'll be out all night

My favorite diaries:

charmcity    profile - diary
comments:  because he sent me the best poem ever
bluebarb    profile - diary
comments:  because she is the cutest girl in all of north america
monkey-king    profile - diary
erinlew    profile - diary
comments:  because she's fab
ninjac    profile - diary
comments:  because she's miss colleen
owenmeany99    profile - diary
comments:  new read
cactustree    profile - diary
comments:  because she hates the NYC too...
harri3tspy    profile - diary
squirrelx    profile - diary
comments:  because everyone seems to read this
twttrmchn    profile - diary
saint-louise    profile - diary
comments:  new read
fridayfilms    profile - diary
comments:  why are all the good diaries from canada?
bra2002    profile - diary
comments:  intelligent read
inarticulate    profile - diary
ana-ng    profile - diary
comments:  because she rocks the diaryland old-school too
weetabix    profile - diary
boyecho    profile - diary
juddhole    profile - diary
ann-frank    profile - diary
mittensgirl    profile - diary
geoffchaucer    profile - diary
comments:  new read
thebeesknees    profile - diary
comments:  the cat's pajamas
junitown    profile - diary
plopphizz    profile - diary
pojken    profile - diary
smedindy    profile - diary
dr-rndmprsn    profile - diary
unclebob    profile - diary
boombasticat    profile - diary
wordwhore    profile - diary
smartypants    profile - diary
comments:  more funny from chicago
fatcatluv    profile - diary
notunique    profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments:  she flies like the crow flies
modern lovers
comments:  nuthin better than jonathan richman
comments:  i guess i remembered it wrong
comments:  Looking.Like.Lions
beauty pill
comments:  well...duh....

My favorite movies:

so i married an axe murderer
barry lyndon
the station agent
pee-wee herman's big adventure

My favorite authors:

sarah vowell
dave eggers
kobo abe
elizabeth crane
William Shakespeare
comments:  He keeps me employed

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