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"I know always that I am an outsider; a stranger in this century and among those who are still men."

My favorite diaries:

cpttylor    profile - diary
comments:  Like a Kenjutsu master, cutting you in half when necessity compels him.
dirtyboots    profile - diary
comments:  Surreal realism.
twiztdpoet    profile - diary
comments:  Ichor stains the ground in steady rain rhythms, poetry burned into the grass in its wake.
Ionme    profile - diary
comments:  Hot as the sun, cool as the wind. YUM comes to mind too.
isabelviolet    profile - diary
comments:  Burning book of lapis flame, where shadows swoon amidst their game.
CuddleDuddle    profile - diary
comments:  Well-written confessions. Someone you can really care about.
SadistBoo    profile - diary
comments:  Artist.
catsmeow1224    profile - diary
comments:  Gracefully puts up with enough problems for four people.
Sassenach19    profile - diary
comments:  There's a cool zip to her, like wind blowing along the brim of a fedora. She also takes me down or up a notch when my ego needs it, bless her.
dorknoodle    profile - diary
comments:  A Detroit cocktail of writer zeitgeist. Your handkerchief, my laptop.
Blacksun    profile - diary
comments:  Tell a tale of woe, eloquent in water colors.
myagi    profile - diary
comments:  I wish I'd had a teacher like her...
Rachel26280    profile - diary
comments:  Like New Year's Eve before the bombs dropped.
fadedlight    profile - diary
comments:  I miss your neuroticism. Seriously, where the hell are you?
twidderpated    profile - diary
comments:  Naked as the sun: just as bright, revealing, and warm.
salazabr    profile - diary
overlyemo    profile - diary
comments:  Sharp mind, sharp tongue.
glimmerfadin    profile - diary
comments:  Someone else who wants to take a mute button to married couple propaganda
jackthripper    profile - diary
comments:  Pain crystallized into beauty. A pallid illusion? Reality in grains? Sadly unknown. He is gone.
Deareddie    profile - diary
comments:  Surrounded by insane folk. She made herself sane, which means I need to borrow her fudge recipe
UncleBob    profile - diary
comments:  A live-action blogcast of the Simpsons post-11th season.
Andrew    profile - diary
comments:  He's funny. He writes short entries. These are things to which I aspire.
Sistercookie    profile - diary
comments:  Treats the worst of us the best. Even and especially the recovering worst.
futilehorn    profile - diary
comments:  I've known him vaguely for how long yet never did the list-y. He has knowledge about dead stuff to which I aspire.
mscellophane    profile - diary
comments:  Sassy. I wonder how she's doing...
Lullaymarie    profile - diary
comments:  One hell of a poet. Like a solar eclipse, she comes around only once in a great long while--but it is an event. Mark my words. Mark your calendars.
Midnightrum    profile - diary
comments:  Sweetly carnal.
alienamiss    profile - diary
comments:  Complicated.
pettyquarrel    profile - diary
comments:  Sometimes we all wish we could fly.
sexyatheist    profile - diary
comments:  Doing a Ph.D. clinical program. Makes love sound lovely.
sexpuppet    profile - diary
comments:  Diaryland requires five parts pornography for every eight parts emo. This smut holocaust will do nicely.
i-am-jack    profile - diary
comments:  We are elusively fragile wastes of carbon, 24k excrement emoting into a paper cup, hoping someone will just sip at the goddamn thing. Yeah. I feel ya.
feynixie    profile - diary
comments:  Adoration winds and tethers like an onion, down to a core, and more, of unrepeating unrepentant magic. She is it. She is my wife. Done.
nikkifoofoo    profile - diary
comments:  Oh my God we used to have fun talking and sundry whatnot!

My favorite music:

VNV Nation
comments:  I look out to meet my fate.
Aimee Mann
comments:  This is how it goes.
Sisters of Mercy
comments:  Black wind come carry me far away.
Depeche Mode
comments:  Your lies are more attractive than the truth.
comments:  I'm only happy when it rains.

My favorite movies:

comments:  I see myself in the protagonist.
The Road
comments:  Yes, this will be me: http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/underwire/2009/11/road_viggo_660.jpg
Blade Runner
comments:  Amazing atmosphere and a young Harrison Ford
Fight Club
comments:  Just burn it all down and start from scratch.

My favorite authors:

Hunter S. Thompson
comments:  The asshole is dead. Long live the asshole.
William Gibson

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