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This is my diary. I've had it for awhile now. I haven't written in it on a regular basis in a long time, but I'm going to try and change that.

My favorite diaries:

nondiarylandmem profile - diary
comments: http://www.livejournal.com/users/withinemotion Travis, ah, now theres a piece of work. Although a seemingly good friend of mine, I know he has many sides I've never seen. Oh how I love the complexity of it all.
thevampire profile - diary
comments: unlike anything i've ever seen. this idividual is truly gifted. i keep going back because I want to see how it ends...
meatpants profile - diary
comments: a very beautiful person! i've been around long enough to know that you must take the good with the bad... what a beautiful example.
catsmeow1224 profile - diary
comments: I love her very much. She's a sweetheart and it's always fun being around her. I call her kitty. : )
aliendude profile - diary
comments: A young man whom has recently attracted my attention. he has much he'd like to share with the world. i'm a bit protective of him, so be gentle.
tradition profile - diary
comments: what can I say? he reminds me of myself when i was going through a lot of hardships.
swiftheart profile - diary
comments: I only have him on my faves list so I can say bad things about him.. He's an ass! He's a petophile! He's overly sanitary and way to niave for an adult. He used to get mad at me when I'd cuss.. He goes after litle girls.. Someday someo
sistercookie profile - diary
comments: she is so great! wow, I'm really happy to have met her! She is a MASTER at the art of HTML! I bow down before her!
uglypony profile - diary
comments: she's not ugly, even if she thinks she is. she's beautiful. she's a wonderful person and I wish she wasn't so hard on hersefl.
giallothang profile - diary
comments: The brief converstation I had with her was great! She seems absolutely amazing! I hope I get more chances to talk to her!! Mz. Thang, if you're looking, YOU'RE THE BEST!
soulofdust profile - diary
comments: I think thevampire finally met his superior! :o)
daath profile - diary
comments: He is an incedible person! I love him so much! He makes my cyberworld go round! : )
saturne profile - diary
comments: he doesn't seem to like anything. and i sort of cussed him out in german... LOL ah, good times.
raqalicious profile - diary
comments: I hope to see her again!! She is so open minded! Talk about an intoxicating essence. This girl has it all!
solaceinpain profile - diary
comments: Just WHAT will he think of next??
quantum87 profile - diary
comments: She reminds me of myself when I was her age. Funny how sometimes you can outgrow things.
dataguy profile - diary
comments: He's a youngin', but he's very smart. I like his diary a lot.
jadedmist profile - diary
comments: She is so amazing.
raq profile - diary
comments: the id raqalicious
preppypunq profile - diary
comments: her writing is beautiful. she doesnt know how good she really is.
hapithoughts profile - diary
comments: as far as canadians go.. she's alright. LOL Joking, of course. She's amazing! Go see for yourself!!
patw-21 profile - diary
comments: He added me to his list, so I'm adding him to mine... ?
robins-daddy profile - diary
comments: Kyle.. He's great. And such a stud! Yeah baby! Too bad he's taken! *looks at kitty*
happydaggerz profile - diary
comments: A bit aggressive and bipolar.. but I like'em a bit crabby. : )
manicbomber profile - diary
comments: An amazing man. He's been through so much, and still he keeps a stiff upper lip. My heart goes out to him.
waldon profile - diary
comments: a chat pal.. He's so cool.
christie-03 profile - diary
comments: I love her to pieces!! I don't get to see her as much as I'd like to... damn job always interfering with my life!! lol
dartlord profile - diary
comments: Josh.. a cutiepie!! He and Christie are so cute together! Like two peas in a pod!
naughty-me profile - diary
comments: she has too much to hide..
sephtra profile - diary
comments: Someone I've just met. I'm not sure what I should say about him. I guess you'll just have to come to your own conclusions
faeriejewel profile - diary
comments: she is such a hottie! all you bois, beware!! : )
blaiyze profile - diary
comments: I've only just met him. He seems to be a newbie to dland, but he's interesting none the less. I look forward to reading more of his entries.
lestat82 profile - diary
comments: I found her through blaiyze's notes. Her diary intrigued me. I love her writing style and how she puts so much emotion into what she's saying. Her current entrie almost made me cry. : )

My favorite music:

comments: Evenessence, Orgy, Tori Amos, Pink Floyd,
System of a Down
comments: Sublime, Grateful Dead, Jennifer Knapp, Savage Garden,
Mr. Bungle
comments: Incubus, Tool, A Perfect Circle,The Pixies, The Dam Builders
Erika Badu
comments: Rusted Root, Joni Mitchelle, Black Eyed Peas, Arrested Development,
Lincoln Park
comments: Bob Marley, etc... too many to meantion all at once.

My favorite movies:

The Dark Crystal
comments: I might as well just say that I love many movies made by Jim Henson!
The Nightmare Before Christmas
comments: Again, I might as well just say I love many movies by Tim Burton.
A Perfect Blue
comments: I love many japanese animations.
Bram Stoker's Dracula
comments: The Never Ending Story, Vanilla Skys, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fire Walk With Me, etc..
12 Monkeys
comments: Lets just say any movie with Brad, Vin, The Rock, and any other amazingly sexy men.

My favorite authors:

Antoine de Saint Exup�ry
comments: Karin Kallmaker
Mark Twain
comments: Anne Rice
Shel Silverstein
comments: Stephen King
Jennifer Blake
comments: Edgar Allen Poe
comments: William Shakespeare, etc...

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