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I live to make music and be happy. that's why we're here, right? Got a masters in teaching the violin and a doctorate in relationships and breaking up (I kept plugging along) Married January of '05 to a guy I met 5 months before. It's not as insane as what happened next ;) Trying to make sense of him and life in general...

i do this only to impress my mother..........



My favorite diaries:

clarity25    profile - diary
comments:  beautiful in every sense of the word - i get all excited when she updates:)
phoenixchild    profile - diary
comments:  no kid this young should write as well and as friggin hillarious as her... it's just not fair...
andrew    profile - diary
comments:  random silliness
spacemuppet    profile - diary
comments:  a niiicce boy with a sweeet heart
smittyclone    profile - diary
comments:  my GIRL!!! it's my GIRL!!!!!
libbyo    profile - diary
comments:  she's a love story... read with hot chocolate and a blankie
boogabooga    profile - diary
comments:  my funniest daily read - I'm obsessed with her!
als-pals    profile - diary
comments:  this gal lights up a stage and gives one faboo hug:)
david-artois    profile - diary
comments:  where did he go? man he was funny....
bassclargrrl    profile - diary
falo    profile - diary
comments:  reading, 'riting and... e*hugs:)
moonstrucke    profile - diary
comments:  a poet stuck in the 21st century
ask-obiwan    profile - diary
comments:  dude this is hilarious!
savecraig    profile - diary
comments:  the funniest freaking stuff I read all day long
chickie-legs    profile - diary
comments:  funny, insightful, self-depreciating. appreciated;)
monkeymom    profile - diary
boxer-briefs    profile - diary
comments:  heh
la-blue-eyez    profile - diary
comments:  honest and honestly charming
portia12    profile - diary
mangofarmer    profile - diary
comments:  musicians are SO freaking cool. And unemployable. Dang it!
mrsfieber    profile - diary
bebelua    profile - diary
unsentletter    profile - diary
comments:  random, one day I'll post something methinks
coexistapart    profile - diary
iamafatgirl    profile - diary
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BigpimpinMBA    profile - diary
bindyree    profile - diary
teachin-usa    profile - diary
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badbadzoot    profile - diary
tfrunner262    profile - diary
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skibigsky    profile - diary
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lemonscarlet    profile - diary
smedindy    profile - diary
smartypants    profile - diary
the-moo    profile - diary
geoffchaucer    profile - diary
camham    profile - diary
sinnergi    profile - diary
cheeky-kiki    profile - diary
misspinkkate    profile - diary
twttrmchn    profile - diary
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emu-head    profile - diary
newlywedblis    profile - diary
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momma-at-17    profile - diary
take-two    profile - diary
theswordsman    profile - diary
becca27    profile - diary
anita-girl    profile - diary
requiel    profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments:  the original and best
comments:  tasty
Turtle Island String Quartet
comments:  NO ONE ELSE COMPARES this group is the greatest - a traditional string quartet setting where they play jazz and all groovies.. WORSHIP THEM!!!
Bobby McFerrin
comments:  the most versatile vocalist out there
comments:  Nothing better than their harmony

My favorite movies:

Singin' in the Rain
comments:  my favorite movie of all time.. Gene Kelly's butt is to DIE for
Better Off Dead
comments:  fabulous 80's cult classic
comments:  Weird Al... 'nuff said
Life Is Beautiful
comments:  Roberto Benini is one of the greatest actors of all time.. his character is so moving - you feel better for having experienced him

My favorite authors:

comments:  I used to be a romantic, so sue me
Tom Holt
comments:  one of the funniest authors for anyone who knows anything about any mythology and can understand British humour

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